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Simon's Hot Dogs: Serving Up Smiles

Originally from Colombia, Marcela and Felipe Roldan wanted to bring a taste of home to the community. After four years in Sedona, the Roldan's closed up shop and re-opened in Scottsdale to serve a broader customer base. Since 2014 Valley locals have been enjoying Simon's unique hot dogs and Colombian street foods. One thing that sets Simon's apart is that they have vegan and vegetarian options. Biting into a vegan dog at Simon's is just as delicious as the real deal – you won't even miss the meat.

The top seller at Simon's is their signature Colombian hot dog. It's a popular street food in their homeland but to folks in these parts might think the toppings sound like an odd combination. But let it be said – Simon's signature Colombian Hot Dogs are absolutely delicious. It's a plump and juicy all beef frank tucked into a pillowy bun, topped with pineapple, mozzarella cheese, Simon's sauce and crushed potato chips.

Insane right? But it's insanely delicious. So many tastes and textures with each bite - savory hot dog, sweet pineapple, kicky from the soft, soft bun, crunchy and salty from the potato chips. Eating this thing is like going to the party you didn't know you wanted to go to and having the time of your life!

Another customer favorite are the salchipapas, which are crispy french fries topped with chopped beef (or vegan) franks and Simon's Sauce; and the Colombian empanadas made with yellow corn dough and filled with your choice of shredded beef, chicken or potatoes, peppers and onions for a vegan option. And you don't want to miss the alfajores, traditional Colombian butter cookies filled with dulce de leche. These treats melt in your mouth and are super sweet and satisfying.

“Our hot dogs and appetizers are casual Colombian food and there are not many restaurants with the same style of food,” said Marcela.

Like pretty much all of America, and the world for that matter, Covid-19 struck Simon's Hot Dogs hard. Due to the governor's orders they had to close their dining room but remained open for take-out. “Most of our customers are office workers from nearby Weebly, and other businesses,” said Marcela. “Now everyone is working from home so this affects us greatly.”

But the Roldan's have remained positive and resourceful. They switched things up a little and started offering frozen items allowing guests to heat and eat their Colombian food, such as empanadas, chili and hot dogs at home. Moving forward the Roldan's would like to continue to make tweaks to Simon's menu by adding more packaged and frozen items.

Marcella adds that she and her husband love owning a hot dog restaurant because they enjoy “serving people and seeing happy faces with full bellies.”

So let Simon's Hot Dogs fill your belly with food from their beloved Colombia. I promise they will make you smile. Show your support for this locally owned small business and explore the delights of Colombian street food.

Simon's Hot Dogs is located at 4280 N Drinkwater Blvd #200, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.


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