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What can Arizona Foodie do for you?

Why settle for regular marketing when you could have targeted marketing?  Arizona Foodie continues to put lines out the doors, sell out events and so much more! Through a natural progression, Arizona Foodie has become a huge, engaged group of food loving followers.  With over 200,000+ followers and an even larger reach, Arizona Foodie can get your restaurant and events in front of the new clientele that you're looking for, with 97% of our following located in Arizona and the majority of that located in Phoenix and the surrounding cities. Many companies no longer use traditional marketing but connect with Arizona Foodie to launch their new products and restaurants because their main goal is foot traffic and followers. 

Arizona Foodie has expanded from a simple Instagram account, which gives you plenty of options for advertising. We have a blog and social media but we also host many events for startups or to get new customers into your restaurant.

What kind of exposure can you expect?

Facebook: 53,000+ followers

Instagram: 134,000+ followers

TikTok: 113,000+ followers

Twitter: 2,600 followers

Blog: 15,000+ page views a month

Email Blast: 8,000+

There are many ways to partner with Arizona Foodie and we can create custom packages depending on what you are looking for.  Here's just a few of the options we can help you with:

  • Food Photography

  • Travel Promotion

  • Social Media Takeover

  • Brand Ambassador

  • Arizona Foodie Launch Party

  • Host Special Event

  • Arizona Foodie Pop-Up Demo 

  • Sponsored Blog Posts

  • Direct Mailing

  • Targeted Marketing

  • Recipe Creation

  • Blog/Social Media Advertising

Here's what a few of the brands that have worked with us have said:

Arizona Foodie post Breakfast Bitch and not only did they gain a significant amount of followers, they had a 5 hour wait and have been busy ever since.

When Arizona Foodie posted about Chin Up Donuts, they gained hundreds of new followers and had a line out of their door.

"Thank you so much for the love and we as a family owned, small business really appreciate it!! We got slammed last night because of your tiktok and IG posts! We are very grateful!! We can't thank you enough!!" Loco Style Grindz

GuacStar got almost 1000 new followers from Arizona Foodie's posts on IG and because of posting on IG, TIktok, and FB, they were slammed for the weekend and have been busier since. 

After posting SodaJerk on IG, they received 1000 new followers, all local and they got a huge boost in business.

"After Diana posted us on her IG and FB we had the best weekend we've had since Covid hit. The support was amazing." Kirsten, Chestnut

"Diana helped us launch the opening of our restaurant and we did the best we have for months, even during a pandemic! It's the best opening we've ever had." Walter, Chantico Restaurant

Let's chat, email me at

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