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Local Caterers launch Exclusive Supper Club Experience

The pandemic has created a big void in all of us. We miss gatherings, and celebrating in numbers. We long for parties and concerts and sporting events. Many local businesses are trying to fill those holes by pivoting their models to bring a little joy to us. One such business is TLC, a Phoenix-based catering company owned by Tom and Lin Baumbach.

The Baumbach's recently launched the TLC eXperience, a modern supper club hosting intimate, chef-driven dinners in exclusive locations.

“We have long strived to create intimate, farm-to-table experiences but as a caterer we have not always had the right platform,” said Lin. “The TLC eXperience was born out of a pivot for us.”

As large events began to scale back the Baumbach's found themselves spending time building relationships with local farmers and artisan food suppliers. “We thought, well, if there aren’t any events happening, we’ll just create some” Lin said.

Chef Tom is a graduate of Scottsdale Culinary Institute and has an extensive career working in supper clubs, restaurants and catering companies. He and Lin started TLC eight years ago and during that time they have formed excellent relationships with some of the top food purveyors in Arizona. For the TLC eXperience dinners the Baumbach's collaborate with farmers, as well as meat and seafood companies. On occasion they even partner with other local chefs for deliciously memorable culinary adventures.

The collaborations even extend into where each dinner is held. “We have relationships with venues and farms around town.” Lin said. “Now, we're looking to expand to other unique locations and we welcome suggestions.

So far the venues have included luxurious private residences and The Croft in downtown Phoenix where guests got to dine amongst the Sistine Chapel art exhibit.

Currently the TLC eXperience dinners are held every month, with a special addition for Valentine's Day. They are truly exclusive with a small guest count to allow for responsible social distancing. The couple plans to add more dinners as popularity grows.

The menus are chef-driven and are planned around local and seasonal ingredients with quality top of mind. “We look to see what produce is doing exceptionally well here in the Valley,” said Lin. “And we work with the farmers to cultivate a menu that showcases their offerings.”

The next TLC eXperience dinner will be on Valentine's Day with a special dinner for two held at The Croft Downtown. These dinners are super special and a great way to celebrate a special occasion with great food and a truly unique culinary experience.

For more information and to book your table for an upcoming TLC eXperience visit


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