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Jack Hack: Spicy Chicken Strips

Guess who's back, back again? Spicy Chicken Strips are back, at Jack In The Box. They were such a tasty hit last time they were on the menu and I've got quite the Jack Hack for you! You thought they were tasty before, this Jack Hack will make your mouth water! Plus, this recipe is simple enough that anyone can do it in just a couple minutes.

You can now find Jack's Spicy Chicken Strips at all Jack In the Box locations. You'll be able to order them as a combo or on their own in 3 piece, 5 piece or 10 piece options. If you didn't know, they've got a nice hint of spicy and a crispy outside crunch. Perfect for the Jack Hack I'm about to share with you!

Homemade Jack In The Box Cruchwrap w/spicy chicken strips

Makes 1 Crunchwrap

1 3 piece order of Jack’s Spicy Chicken Strips

1 large tortilla

1 tostada

1 small order of Jack In The Box Curly Fries

A couple scoops of Mac n Cheese

Drizzle of Ranch

Hot Sauce from Jack In The Box

First you cut Jack’s Spicy Chicken Strips into slices. Then cook the mac n cheese by following directions or using your own recipe. Or you can do what I did and use a ready made version and heat it up in the microwave. I used about two scoops of mac n cheese and placed them into the middle of the large tortilla. Top mac n cheese with a handful of Curly Fries and then drizzle with hot sauce. Put the tostada on top of the Curly Fries and add Jack’s Spicy Chicken Strips. Drizzle on top of the chicken with hot sauce and some ranch. Use a smaller tortilla, we cut the large tortilla into a smaller one about the size of the tostada and then place it on top of the chicken strips. After this you will fold up the ends of the large tortilla around all the ingredients inside. This will seal up everything before you place it into the frying pan.

Heat up the frying pan and add some olive oil. Once the olive oil is hot, add the filled tortilla face down, so that you seal up the top by crisping it. Once one side is crisp, flip it over to the bottom of the tortilla and crisp up that side.

Once you have two crispy tortilla sides, you can remove the crunchwrap from the pan. Cut it in half and if you would like, you can add more ranch and hot sauce. For a little more flavor and to finish it off, add some green onions. Enjoy!

You can order Jack's Spicy Chicken Strip Combo today via delivery, or find your nearest JIB drive-thru location. Check out Jack’s Offers page to unlock lots of delicious deals! To stay up to date with Jack's newest menu items, visit their website at

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