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The Scottsdale Fahrenheit Festival: Arms, Legs, and Kegs

The Scottsdale Fahrenheit Festival: Arms, Legs and Kegs is adding two more hot elements to its impressive and diverse day, all designed to turn up the heat on the hottest event of the summer June 16th at WestWorld of Scottsdale.

The event is already home to the Hottest Race on Earth, a 10.2 K and a 5K to be run in the middle of the day on the grounds of WestWorld.

Now, organizers have announced a jalapeno eating contest for participants 18 years and older. Each contestant will be given a portion of jalapenos to consume in four minutes or less. The person who finishes the fiery feast first is the winner. If no one is able to finish, the person who consumed the most jalapenos is the winner.

There is also a fast pitch contest for adults and kids. Winners for best “heat” will receive trophies.

The Scottsdale Fahrenheit Festival: Arms, Legs, and Kegs is a rarity in the Valley of the Sun. It’s an event that embraces the area’s trademark sweltering heat.

It also features the nation’s richest arm wrestling competition, including the world’s best arm wrestler Travis Bagent. For details on the arm wrestling competition and how to qualify click here.

Scottsdale Beat the Heat will take place throughout the grounds of WestWorld just days before the hottest day to ever be recorded in Phoenix. Also sponsored by Maricopa Ambulance, the race starts at 2:47 p.m. sharp, the time of day in 1990 when thermometers in the Phoenix metropolitan area struck 122 degrees on June 26.

To enter Scottsdale Beat the Heat click here.

In 2013, Ethiopian Olympian runner Nahom Mesfin Tariku took first place. After completing the race he said “It was the hottest race of my life”.

Runners and fans can also cool off at The Arizona Ales & Cocktails Festival located inside the Scottsdale Fahrenheit Festival featuring top mixologists, M Culinary, and the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild.

The Scottsdale Fahrenheit Festival: Arms, Legs and Kegs is produced by the owners of the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships, the most attended polo event in the country. Last month, the Scottsdale City Council unanimously voted to support the new summer event with $75,000 in tourism tax funds to help market the event.

Admission to the Scottsdale Fahrenheit Festival is $5.

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