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  • Brynne Chandler

Top Ice Cream Spots: Ice Cream, You’ll Scream!

Lots of childhood pleasures become less appealing as we grow up – when was the last time you stomped through a puddle or picked up a worm? – but our passion for ice cream is ageless.

From hand-crafted traditional ice cream in creative artisanal flavors to refreshing shaved ice and creamy shakes, these fabulous shops offer every kind of frozen treat your childhood heart could desire.


If you are looking for breakfast or Brunch, Nami’s 100% vegan menu offers a wide variety of treats from tofu eggs through coconut-milk yogurt to vegan baked goods. Their brunch menu features hearty fare such as Biscuits and Gravy, Eggs Benedict made with tempeh bacon and Huevos Rancheros. Most brunch items are available plated or wrapped up burrito-style.

Enjoy a cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino or latte with a selection of milk-free creamers or try the Cactus Haboob, which is a cinnamon infused agave latte.

Top off your meal with tSoynami ice cream, a smooth soft serve concoction of soy milk and coconut milk sweetened with organic cane sugar. Available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry tSoynami is then mixed with luscious add-ins such as Nami’s vegan cookie Doh, fresh fruit, crumbled baked goods and organic chocolate syrup.

2014 North 7th Street,

Phoenix AZ, 85006

602-258-NAMI (6264)

Milk Run

Milk run has everything you need to cool down a hot day. They offer Milk Teas, Milk Tea Floats, Slushies, Smoothies, Sparklers, Coffee and Ice Cream. Milk Tea is a delicious combination of milk, soy milk or almond milk and loose tea sweetened with pure cane sugar. Flavors include Thai Milk Tea, Honeydew and Matcha. You can also add a scoop of ice cream and make it a Float. Iced teas at Milk Run are as beautiful as they are refreshing, especially the color-changing AZ Sunset, flavored with mango and passion fruit in a charming homage to Arizona’s breathtaking desert sunsets.

If dairy is not your thing, enjoy a fruit-filled Slushie featuring seasonal fresh fruit such as watermelon, peaches or lychee, or add milk, soymilk or almond milk for a creamy Smoothie.

Coffee flavors include Vietnamese Sea Salt coffee made luscious with Sea Salt Cream, and is offered either sweetened or unsweetened. Enjoy your ice cream by the scoop, by the pint or in a cake, sugar or waffle cone topped with fruit bits, jelly, custard, chia seeds or popping, honey or crystal boba.

1702 W Camelback Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85015


Sweet Republic

Ice cream doesn’t get any better than when it is handcrafted with love. Sweet Republic not only makes their small-batch ice cream with milk and cream from local independent dairy farms, they peel and chop all of the fruit for their sorbets in-house as well as making all of their toppings from scratch. Even the marshmallows!

Flavors range from hot takes on the traditional such as Madagascar Vanilla and Belgian Chocolate to the more exotic Peaberry Espresso, Honey Lavender and Black Sesame. You can also change it up with a sundae, milk shake, float or a cookie. Sweet Republic recycles all of their containers, so make sure to return yours once you’ve savored every last creamy bite.

9160 E Shea Blvd



6054 N 16th St




If you’re looking for something a little different, you definitely need to pay a visit to Snoh Ice Shavery. A delicate cross between ice cream and shaved ice, Snoh’s treats are made from all natural ingredients such as fresh fruits and the purest high-grade extracts. Once they are blended, flash frozen and cured, each ice block is carefully shaved.

As a tribute to its origins as shaved snow, or BaoBing, which was created on a small island in the South Pacific, all of the toppings at Snoh are inspired by Asian flavors such as coconut, pineapple and taro.

914 E Camelback Road Suite 4B

Phoenix Arizona 85014


Rewind Ice Cream

Combining a childhood passion for cereal and milk in front of the TV with a deep love of ice cream and a profound commitment to the health benefits of matcha, Rewind offers premium ice cream boasting 16% butterfat. Infused with favorite cereals such as Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Rewind offers a childhood treat for sophisticated adult palates. In addition to ice cream, Rewind has a full selection of Milk Teas, signature ImmuniTeas, coffee and matcha tea in a rainbow of flavors. Ice cream flavors include Bourbon Caramel Toffee and Strawberry Mint Sorbet as well as Vegan Chocolate Rose Pistachio. Try a Fruity Tooty cone, which is mixed with strawberries and Froot Loops and then topped with Fruity Pebbles and Gummy Bears. Or get your chocolate on with the Chocoholic, mixed with Brownie Bites and Cookie Crisp cereal and topped with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Tea lovers know that matcha is made from the whole leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, the source of all authentic tea. Using the whole, stone-ground and minimally-processed leaf provides health benefits that traditionally dried and cured tea leaves do not. Aside from offering powerful antioxidants, matcha is loaded with L-Thianine, which slows the absorption of caffeine, giving you slow and steady energy rather than the jitter and crash of coffee. Matcha flavors include Coconut and Lychee or try a Butterfly Rose Lemonade ImmuniTea.

3245 W Ray Rd, Ste 3

Chandler, AZ, 85226


7014 E Camelback Rd Ste 0565

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Novel ice cream more than lives up to its name with their signature Dough Melt – a warm, glazed bun filled with hand-crafted artisanal ice cream and then sealed so you don’t miss a single bite of the soft, toasty outside and cold, creamy inside.

Choose your favorite from the 12 rotating flavors such as Cheese Cake Lemon Bar, Hangry Honey Bee, Mint Chip or Mangonada Sorbet and have it in a Dough Melt, by the scoop, in a bubbly soda float or in a cone with your favorite topping. You can also treat yo’ self with a Leslie Knope, which is a scoop of ice cream between two hot and crispy waffles.

1028 Grand Ave. Cottage 6

Phoenix, AZ 85007



Snowtime offers traditional Korean desserts with a modern twist. Made from family recipes with authentic equipment, all of Snowtime’s ice cream, shaved ice, golden buns and drinks are made with the freshest ingredients.

Most classic Snows start with a creamy mix of vanilla ice cream and condensed milk, coconut milk or almond milk and are available in flavors such as Tira Miss You and Fruitilicious. The first adds crumbled tiramisu, cocoa dust, strawberries and chocolate drizzle while the second simply adds fresh, seasonal fruits. Specialty Snows include Black Sesame with injeolmi -- rice cake -- dust, red bean, mochi and almond flakes. For a lighter treat, try the Sweet Sunset with its enticing blend of fresh strawberries, mango and in-house strawberry puree.

One of the most beautiful ways to enjoy your Snowtime ice cream is in a gorgeous Fish Cone. Shaped like a leaping koi, these mochi waffle cones are as beautiful as they are delicious, as are the Golden Fish Buns filled with all sorts of sweetness, including Nutella, ice cream, fruit and other toppings.

Pair your cone with fresh leaf tea, milk tea, espresso or a latte.

2095 N Dobson Rd

Chandler, AZ 85224


Dessert in the Desert

Serving old-school soft serve ice cream with a fresh Asian twist, Dessert in the Desert offers ice cream in flavors such as Milk, Chocolate, Mango and Taro as well as swirled Chocolate/Mango and Milk/Taro. Enjoy your soft serve in a Fish Cone or a Red Velvet, Black, Purple or Green Colored Waffle Cone. Top with sprinkles, crushed Oreos, Pocky, marshmallows, Fruity Pebbles or crushed Cheetos for a one-of-a-kind treat. Also on the menu is taiyaki, which is a fish-shaped waffle made from traditional batter and filled with Red Bean, Nutella, Cream Cheese or Custard. If you’re hungry for more solid fare, try the Tornado Deep-Fried Potato, which is spiral cut, deep fried on a skewer and seasoned with Garlic Parmesan, Salted Vinegar or Sour Cream and Onion. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the homemade Cotton Cheesecake, a Japanese take on classic cheesecake but with less cream cheese and more egg whites giving it a light and airy texture without sacrificing flavor. Drink options include fresh juices, lemonade, lattes, shakes and smoothies.

18511 N Scottsdale Rd Ste105

Scottsdale, AZ 85255



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