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Sushi Mocorito - Expand your Sushi Horizons

Mexican Sushi is a relatively new food trend hitting the Valley and its super IG friendly because it's as beautiful as it is delicious.

So how is Mexican sushi different than the Japanese variety? Well, where traditional sushi is simple and light, dependent on wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger to pack in the flavor, Mexican sushi is in your face with spice, texture and tang. It often features grilled meats in addition to seafood. It's usually breaded and cheese is involved. It's a filling, sinful and delicious take on what most normally know to be a lighter cuisine. But fear not because it's well worth the experience and extra calories.

Sushi Mocorito lays claim to introducing Mexican sushi to the Valley seven years ago with their first food truck, parked at 35th Ave and Van Buren. Prior to that they had been selling their food from their home. Since that first food truck they have added a brick and mortar restaurant and a second food truck and they hope to continue to grow.

Jesus Ramirez, owner of Sushi Mocorito, says he has fond memories of his mom making the sushi when he was young in his home town of Mocoritio, Sinaloa.

“I was inspired to open Sushi Mocorito because I wanted to bring that style of food to town,” said Ramirez. “You couldn't get the kind of sushi that I goy in my home town of Mocorito and I wanted to bring that it here to Arizona.”

Among the most popular sushi rolls at Mocorito are the Llegadora, filled with avocado, cream cheese, grilled chicken and beef, cucumber, crab and shrimp, topped with surimi, chipotle, cheese, eel sauce and bacon; and the Finikera – filled with cream cheese, avocado, grilled chicken and beef, cucumber, shrimp and bacon, topped with surimi, chipotle, cheese, diced shrimp, bacon, eel sauce and sriracha. “Both the Llegadora and the Finkera are exclusive to us, said Pacino. “You won't find anything like them anywhere else.”

In addition to amazing Mexican Sushi, the menu also features mariscos, and authentic Mexican food like tacos, filled with carne asada, cabeza, pastor, chicken or shrimp; plus, quesadillas, burritos and more.

Ramirez loves owning food trucks and a restaurant because of the relationships he establishes with his customers. “I love our regulars that come everyday for sushi, they always love our food,” Pacino said. “And the best part is when they leave with a smile. They are my friends and I get to see all my friends bring their friends for a good time and good food at our food trucks.”

We at Arizona Foodie suggest you make some new friends and expand your sushi horizons by checking out one of the Sushi Mocorito locations.


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