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Six Places to Get Your Holiday Pie

We can all agree that the turkey is the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table and the pie is the crowning jewel. Whether it's pumpkin, pecan, apple or even chocolate cream, if it has a crust it is a must! Take a load off this year and check out these places for great pies.

Rock Springs Cafe

Rock Springs is the oldest independently owned restaurant still operating in Arizona! Serving up rich history and great BBQ this place is iconic in Arizona. But what made them so has got to be the pies. Fruit pies, cream pies, specialty pies – pies, pies, pies. All scratch-baked, all sublime. Enjoy a slice and be sure to take a whole pie home to adorn your holiday table. Delivery available. Rock Springs is located at 35900 South Old Black Canyon Highway, Rock Springs; 623.374.5794

Fancy Pies

Marissa Thielen and her husband style their pie business as one for the modern day foodie, the elegant gift giver, the indulgent flavor seeker and the pie connoisseur. Based out of their Tempe residence they offer more than just your basic pumpkin. Look for fancy flavors like Pumpkin Chai, Coconut Key Lime, Cinnamon Cream Apple, Triple Chocolate Silk, and their signature Banoffee. Call for custom orders. Order three pies, get 10 percent off your order using code: BUY3DEAL. Pre-order required. Limited delivery available for a fee. 602.601.2675;


This cute little pie shop offers two valley locations and serves up some pretty tasty offerings. The menu runts the gamut from tangy citrus pies, fruity berry pies and indulgent custard pies and decadent cheesecakes. Plus monthly seasonal specials. All 9” pies come in a reusable pie tin, and a $1 deposit is required. Visit for more information.

Miracle Mile Deli

For over 70 years this iconic Phoenix deli has been building the best belly busting sandwiches in town. But did you know they're also baking some incredible pies! Miracle Miles sticks to the classics and they're doing it right, offering pumpkin, cherry, pecan, apple, lemon meringue, coconut meringue and Boston cream. All pies are available by the slice or whole. Miracle Mile Delis is located at 4413 N. 16th Street, Phoenix; 602.776.0992;

Pie Snob

These pies are nothing to turn your nose up at. Pie Snob uses only quality ingredients and bakes everything with loves. Each week they offer a variety of flavors in store and slices and whole pies are available on a first come, first served basis. Pre-order to ensure they have a whole pie waiting for you. Pie Snob has two valley locations.

Mamma Toledo's Pie Hole

These ain't your mamma's pies! Mamma Toledo's has made a name for themselves baking delcious and innovatve pies and pastries. Flavors are unique and quality is always top notch. Add some piezazz (see what I did there) to the holiday season with creative creations like pistachio crème, black bottom crème, mango chili lime, orange ginger crème, and Irish whiskey apple! Bring one of these pies to dinner and your mamma will be proud. Pre-order is suggested. 15414 N. 7th Street Phoenix; 602.332.7346;


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