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Restaurant Opening: Dori Hand Roll + Ramen

Arizona and California based restaurant groups to introduce Dori Hand Roll Bar and Ramen; a one-of-a-kind hand roll bar featuring an extensive ramen menu by acclaimed Chef Jared Lupin.

Los Angeles based Ahi Mahi Group and Arizona based Wade Foster Hospitality, are collaborating with local ramen chef Jared Lupin to introduce the Valley’s first hand roll bar and ramen restaurant at the Camelback Colonnade center near 20th Street and Camelback in Phoenix.  Hand roll bars invite diners to sit at a bar in front of a personal hand roll chef offering a very intimate food experience where hand rolls are made to order and handed to the guest directly from the chef. 

Dori has partnered with Chef Lupin, an award-winning ramen Chef previously at Republic Ramen, Umami Ramen and Shady Park where Lupin most recently won “Best Ramen of Phoenix” 2019.  With his decade at the helm, Lupin is ready to showcase his modern ramen menu at Dori. 

“After cooking ramen in Arizona for over 10 years, I feel that diners are finally ready to experience my true art….to really give them what I’ve always wanted to do.  This time there will be no holding back and I hope to introduce a ramen menu that expresses the joy of ramen that I’ve felt for years,” explained Lupin. 

At the rear of the new restaurant will be a second subconcept, Uradori Izakaya—a 15 seat, Japanese speakeasy featuring designer cocktails and small plates.


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