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Recipe: Levain Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have you been to Levain Bakery in NYC? Let's back up, have you even heard of Levain Bakery in NYC? Because I have and I find it hard to believe that one of their instagrammable cookies has not made it to your social media feed or maybe even through a website.

One day I'd love to taste an actual Levain cookie. Huge in size, apparently quite dense and filled with all kinds of goodness.

However, if you're like me and you can't make it to Levain Bakery, you do the next best thing. Try one of those recipes floating around to recreate the cookie in your own home. I pulled a recipe from A Bountiful Kitchen. You'll find she has a few recipes for different flavors of Levain cookies but I went with the Chocolate Chip ones.

You can find the recipe here. I used what I had in my house and that included only 3/4c of cake flour and then I substituted the rest with Hayden Mills Flour, which is what I use in my baking right now. I also didn't have walnuts, so I used pecans. I didn't have enough chocolate chips, so I used 1c of white chocolate chips.

Let me tell you what, I don't know if these taste like Levain cookies but they taste like I went to heaven and I can't stop eating them and somebody needs to come take them from me.



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