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Ramen with Pork Tonkatsu

Hey, guess what? It doesn't get much easier than packaged ramen and an easy 5 ingredient pork tonkatsu.

I always have some Mike's Mighty Good Ramen laying around, why? Because they send it to me but tbh, we really like the brand too. My kids and husband eat it all the time and I want to but I try not to eat a ton of carbs on a regular basis. So this was a nice treat for me. Ramen is also a comfort food and crave worthy.

Let's get started, I used a different ramen for each person. The kids got a beef ramen, I got the chicken ramen and my husband had the spicy ramen. Follow the instructions for the ramen and you're good to go. I did this step last, after the pork was cooked because it's quick and easy.

We got two pork loin pork chops for the 4 of us, it was plenty. These were thick cut pork chops.


Heat over to 275 F. While this is happening toast the panko by adding the panko and some oil to a pan on medium high heat. Let the panko turn to a nice brown color, this will take a couple minutes. Stir it around every once in awhile to brown all the bits! Once this is done, put the panko into a bowl.

Take the pork loin out and season it with salt and pepper. I leave pepper out of my recipes because lord have mercy, if my children see or taste that pepper on there dish, they won't touch it. It's fine, everything's fine. You can put the pepper on your food but I'll wait until my kids move out.

Once the pork loin is seasoned, sprinkle that flour all over them. Cover all those sides and every bit but make sure to shake off any excess.

Whip that egg in a bowl and then press the pork loin into the egg and make sure it's coated. Once the pork loin is covered in the egg, time to cover it in those browned panko bits. Make sure you cover every nook and cranny.

You'll be cooking these pork loin pork chops on a wire rack that you have oiled and placed inside a foil lined baking sheet.

My pork loin pork chops were pretty thick, so I cooked them for about 45 mins. You may want to check the internal temp at around 30 mins, just in case. You want it to read about 120. Then raise the over temp to 450 F and cook for another 5-10 mins, until the internal temp reaches 135.

Let those fine things set for a few minutes before you cut into them. When you do, add them on top of your ramen. If you don't want to use ramen, use rice or just eat the pork by itself. To finish the ramen, I like to add corn into it and green onions but it honestly depends on what I have around the house. Sometimes I'll add an egg, if I didn't eat eggs for breakfast.

And there you go, easy comfort food at your fingers. Enjoy my friends!


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