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Perfect Pasties at Sonson's Pasty Company

Pasties (pronounced pass-tee) may very well be a perfect food. Tasty fillings of meat and veggies tucked into buttery pastry and baked to golden perfection. They are hearty, portable and a favorite food of people from across the globe.

And you know it's gotta be good because it's been around for centuries. That's right, our ancestors have been feasting on these pockets since as far back as the 1300s.

As a young woman in Cornwall, England, Julie Mercer, owner of Sonson's Pasty Company, dreamed of making and baking up pasties for the masses. She worked in a local pasty shop in her hometown and she loved how the stuffed baked goods pleased the customers.

Fast forward to September of 2018 when Mercer realized her dream and opened Sonson's in Mesa. “I love the freedom Sonson's has allowed me, I get to live my dream and make people happy when they enjoy our food,” she said.

Mercer learned the art of pasty making as a young girl in Cornwall. Pasties are a part of her heritage and hold such a special place in her heart that she named her shop after her mother.

“Sonson is my mum’s nickname,” said Mercer. “She is my inspiration, so it was perfectly fitting for me to call my shop Sonson's.”

Mercer says her pasties are inspired by traditional Cornish recipes (the steak pasty) but she also adds items to the menu that her employees create. “A different employee creation is made and sold each month,” she said.

The traditional steak pasty is a staple and customer favorite stuffed with steak, potato, onion, rutabega and gravy. It's the most popular item on Sonson's menu, but guests also love the Cornish Cheezy with beef, sausage, garlic herb sauce, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses and the Raven Crest filled with potato and BBQ marinated chicken. If meat isn't your jam, Sonson's also features a variety of vegetarian and plant-based pasties.

Mercer is excited to be serving up her pasties in Mesa and wants people to know when they visit Sonson's they will be treated like a friend and get some great tasting food.

Sonson's is located at 6060 E. Brown Road, Mesa 85205. For more information visit


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