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Passover Traditions With Miracle Mile Deli

You might know Miracle Mile Deli for its delicious food and ample catering and to-go offerings, but the restaurant has a long and rich history in Arizona. Original owner Jack Grodzinsky purchased the first cafe in 1949, and current president George Garcia and wife Jill actually met at another Miracle Mile location and later married. For the last seven decades, generations of Grodzinsky and Garcia family members have kept the business going. Vice President Josh Garcia (and son of George and Jill) now oversees day-to-day operations, and it’s no wonder that he has fond memories of his own surrounding family and food.

Let’s talk Passover for example, which is happening this year from March 27 to April 4. It’s the story of the Israelites escape from Egypt, and it’s all about traditions, from the Seder itself (the ceremonial dinner on the first and second nights) with the Seder plate that adorns the dinner table to the removal of the chametz from the house before the holiday starts (foods with leavening agents that are forbidden to eat during the holiday). There’s also the asking of the four questions by the youngest child attending the Seder which basically means, "Why is tonight different from all other nights?"

“When I was little, we always had a blast 'searching' for the hidden matzah (a Passover tradition with children) at my grandparent's house,” says Garcia.

He’s referring to another Passover tradition, the searching for the afikomen or a piece of matzah that is blessed and hidden away during the seder for children to find afterward, usually for a small reward.

“As I got older, I have fond memories of going over to my godparents’ home and enjoying a nice traditional Passover seder with my family,” Garcia says. “My godmother would not allow me to cook or bring anything. She made everything from scratch and it was always an enjoyable meal, taking our time, reading the Haggadah (the Passover prayer book), and discussing what the Jews went through to flee Egypt.”

So what food can we look forward to this year from Miracle Mile? There’s a special menu just for Passover. There are two $65 family feasts for takeout — the sliced brisket and the half roasted chicken meal. Both come with enough food for four and include favorites like matzah ball soup and matzah crackers.

“Brisket, matzah ball soup and matzah crackers with butter are my all time favorite Passover foods,” Garcia says.

Grab a quart of matzah ball or vegetable soup to go or a plate of the brisket or chicken with sides for $16.50. Quarts of vegetables and potatoes are available too. All these items and more can be preordered by calling 602-776-0992. Dine-in, takeout and curbside pickup are available. Chag Samech!

Miracle Mile Deli is located at 4433 N 16th Street, Phoenix; 602.776.0992;


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