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Openings at High Street

The Boozy Breakfast is now open! It is the first restaurant to serve breakfast daily at High Street. The breakfast menu features delicious breakfast classics from waffles and French toast to eggs benedicts, as well as creplettes, Millenium Toast and southwest inspired dishes. The lunch menu features salads, bowls, paninis and more! Boozy Breakfast also offers a lengthy cocktail menu of different Bloody Mary’s, mimosas and one-of-a-kind craft cocktails. For more information, visit

Soda Jerk Co. is set to open this September. It’s a modern soda fountain with a touch of retro-inspired design. It acts as a secret entrance to The Nemesis Club, but it's a fully-functioning frozen dessert counter, serving up killer craft milkshakes and floats, often themed to match the games found inside The Nemesis Club. Menu to feature signature milkshakes such as the Extreme Cookies & Cream, PB&J, and Smores Float. For more information, visit

The Nemesis Club is an immersive adventure opening this fall. An elevated experience of an escape room, this new concept is a secret underground hangout for arch enemies - heroes and villains, spies and double agents. Here they fraternize and jockey for social status by creating and attempting to beat scenario-based adventure games of wit, courage, and teamwork that push the limits of their heroism and villainy. Pick your game carefully. Teams will have one hour to prove themselves worthy members of the club by foiling an evil plot or pulling off a caper. Luckily, a trusty sidekick or henchman will be remotely monitoring your every move, feeding you helpful information to increase your odds of winning. When time is up, celebrate or commiserate over a Killer Shake or Float and mingle with other would-be heroes and villains at Soda Jerk Co. The Nemesis Club will feature 2-3 different games with capacity of 8-10 players per game. All games are private, meaning you won’t be playing with strangers. (Fun fact: Escape rooms are said to be one of the safest entertainment activities to enjoy during COVID-19.) Reservations to begin online and via phone starting in late September. For more information coming soon, visit

Founded by Dustin and Kylee Smith, a husband and wife team, who have been consulting with and leading entertainment organizations for nearly 20 years. From designing story-rich theme parks and cutting-edge local attractions to redefining birthday celebrations and restaurant concepts, Dustin and Kylee love creating unforgettable, life-enriching experiences. Before starting The Nemesis Club, Dustin most recently served as President of Fun Brands, a national family entertainment company based in Scottsdale with nearly 200 locations across North America. As Arizona natives, Dustin and Kylee are thrilled to be opening their first entertainment venture in Phoenix. The Smiths and their team of designers, artists, and engineers have helped create magic at the most popular destinations around the world... and are packing that magic into an awesome local venue on High Street. 

Nori Sushi is moving from Desert Ridge to High Street this fall/winter. The new location will seat hundreds inside and outside with a beautiful patio and feature daily happy hour along with its signature Asian fusion mixed with traditional Japanese sushi bar. For menus and opening updates, visit


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