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Opening Soon: PIP Coffee + Clay

Art is fun to do, and drinking coffee is always a must, so why not combine the two? That’s the thinking behind PIP Coffee + Clay and owners and graphic designers Mara and KC. The story goes that Mara had become obsessed with ceramics and started to look for a studio space outside of her laundry room, according to the website. After not finding one, they decided to create their own, with a full-blown public ceramics studio and coffee shop. It's been a passion project for years but looks to now be coming to fruition in the spring of 2021. The space is in the middle of construction now, but fingers crossed that it will be finished up in a few months! The location is a great one as well —it's on 24th Street in between Thomas and McDowell Roads in the Green Gables neighborhood. Judging by the comments so far on PIP’s Instagram page, people are super excited for the new addition!

It will be equal parts clay and coffee with throwing and handbuilding classes plus studio time available. Looking at Instagram, you can see some super cute items that are already getting made like mugs, pots, bowls, wine glasses and more. The interior of the shop so far looks bright and cheery, just like the pottery. As far as what will go on with the food and refreshment side, there will be coffee, sandwiches, pastries and other “tasty things.” We spied a loaded PIP (Poor Individual’s Pizza) on Instagram that looks like an absolutely delicious sandwich stuffed with melted cheese, red onion, mushrooms and some kind of meat. Another food item being tested out is apple cinnamon pocket pies. Drinks in the works include the Cotton Candy Latte (we hope that will be on the menu when we stop by!). It looks like alcohol might be served too, so those nicely-made wine glasses will come in handy.

We’ll keep you updated on when PIP has an official opening date. In the meantime, start dreaming up all the artistic ideas you have and all the java you want to drink with it. It will be a blast to do both at the same time with friends or as a solo activity.

PIP Coffee + Clay will be located at 2617 N. 24th Street, Phoenix; 206.354.8700;


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