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One Dollar AJ's Fine Foods Ice Tea

It’s another triple digit August in Arizona with no end in sight, but it’s a good thing we have the perfect cool down remedy for you: AJ’s Fine Foods Iced Tea!

We all love it and we all crave it – especially this time of year when we’re looking for anything refreshing!

Now through Labor Day, you can stop into any AJ’s Fine Foods store statewide and treat yourself to a delicious iced tea for just a buck! Yes, you heard us right – one dollar bill!

And if you’re looking for another reason to celebrate this thirsty treat, why don’t you head on down to your local AJ’s Fine Foods on Saturday, Aug. 8, which also happens to be National Dollar Day; a holiday that commemorates the day Congress established the U.S. monetary system in 1786. We can definitely cheers to that!

AJ’s iced tea is one of the gourmet grocer’s signature offerings, with flavors that range from traditional black and green teas to sweeter black passion fruit or prickly pear. AJ’s also offers two caffeine-free iced tea flavors, including a decaf apricot and decaf pomegranate.

Hope we’ve quenched your thirst buds and that you’re interested in helping us spread the word in celebrating National Dollar Day with an iced cold AJ’s iced tea this week through the end of summer.


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