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Mesa Riverview

This blog was written in partnership with Mesa Riverview. All opinions are my own.

Temperatures are starting to drop, the patios are looking good and the holiday season is starting to approach. As you look for somewhere to get your holiday shopping done or maybe have a fun night out with family and friends, Mesa Riverview has something for everyone!

I know you've seen me post plenty about Mesa Riverview, and I was super excited to see that The Revelry has finally opened. The Revelry has it all, they have entertainment, a huge outside space, an arcade, and plenty of food and drinks. Part of The Revelry is Modern Round, where you can rent large booths and play games on a screen. They just launched the Box Bar, where you can hang out and watch sports games, in a large private booth. Both of those options will allow you to enjoy food and drink too. Add in a line about there being plenty of room for social distancing/something along those lines + safety precautions.

Outside you'll find more entertainment in the form of Next Links, a really fun golfing experience with a lightshow. They also have a bar outside, some fire pits and plenty of seating. Or if you're just looking to eat some food and hang out, you can do that too!

Let's talk about cocktails! When the bar is open outside, you'll be able to enjoy fun tiki drinks. Inside Modern Round, you'll be able to sip on cocktails, we tried the Blowback Mule, complete with vodka blackberry, bitters and ginger beer. You'll find other fun cocktails like Whiskey Pomegranate Smash, Go Ahead Make Your Day and Pop Your Cherry Cosmo on the menu. Plus, shots, wine and beers.

For food, there's plenty of options, appetizers, hamburgers, pizza, salads and dessert. You know I had to try some of the favorites, so I started with the Box Combo that has guacamole, bacon and jalapeno queso, pico, house chips and pretzels. Those pretzels with the cheese are so good!

I heard that the Nacho Average Nacho was the thing to order and it was jam packed with goodies. On top of those chips was carne asada, mango habanero, jalapeno bacon cheese fondue and more.

Next, I dipped into the #hashtag Burger, which was topped with crispy Tabasco onion strings, melted pepper jack, juicy green chile pork and a sunny side egg.

To finish it off, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnebon was calling my name!! Do I even need to say more, the picture says it all.

If you decide you want to hit up another spot for dessert, one of my favorite places is Chimney Cakes. If you've never had a Chimney Cake before, I highly suggest you head over there and give them a try. The cone is perfectly crispy on the outside and then you pick what you want to fill it with. I love getting Biscoff inside the cone and then filled with soft serve. They just started serving dairy free Dole Whip, which my kids went crazy for!

If that's not enough to tempt you to head down and check out Mesa Riverview, they have plenty more places to check out. You could hit up Brass Tap, Bosa Donuts or Fired Pie too and then get back to that holiday shopping.

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