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La Consentida, Spoiling the West Valley with Great Mexican Seafood

Tucked away at the corner of 27th Ave and Glendale in Phoenix some fantastic mariscos and Mexican food is waiting for you. From the outside La Consentida might not look like much but what's going on inside will blow you away.

With a lifetime spent in restaurant kitchens in both Arizona and Mexico, executive chef, Cesar Altamirano is a master with mariscos (seafood). From ceviche to Mexican sushi everything is fresh, delicious and beautifully presented. What comes out of the kitchen at La Consentida rivals upscale seafood restaurants.

Translated to English, La Consentida means “spoiled” and that is exactly how we felt when we visited and indulged on food as lovely as it was tasty.

The La Torre is a mouthwatering example of edible art. This tower of seafood is constructed with layers of ceviche, lime marinated shrimp, octopus, bass, crab, scallops and a luscious crown of sliced avocado. The seafood was so fresh, perfectly seasoned and tender. Every bite offered a new explosion of flavor. The tower is so pretty it's almost heart breaking to tear into it, but you'll definitely want to!

Mexican sushi is an adventure in flavor and textures. La Consentida is mixing surf and turf with rolls such as the Cielo, Mar y Tierra made with grilled chicken, shrimp and steak rolled with cream cheese and avocado. Tres Quesos is also filled with grilled chicken, steak, and avocado but topped with a blend of three melted cheeses. These rolls are fantastic and all the extra proteins make them quite filling.

I suggest you find a few good eaters to join you when you visit La Consentida. Order a little bit of everything and share. Start with the Empanadas de Camaron, fried dough pockets filled with cream cheese and shrimp; and the Botanita bacon wrapped chiles stuffed with cream cheese and shrimp.

If mariscos isn't your thing (and if it's not you should seriously re-evaluate your life choices) then La Consentida has familiar dishes like nachos, fajitas, quesadillas, tacos and enchiladas. We tried the Enchiladas Suizas and they were delectable. My dining buddy, who is from Guadaljara, Mexico said they were authentic, just like the ones she got back home.

La Consentida is definitely a diamond in the rough, a dining destination worth a visit. Great Mexican cuisine abounds in Phoenix, but Chef Altamirano has truly made this gem into something remarkable.

P.S. Save room for the Chocoflan. It is absolutely amazing and has a super boozy kick. Worth every naughty bite.

La Consentida is located at 2647 W. Glendale Avenue. Visit for more information.


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