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Event: Izakaya Night

The term ‘Izakaya’ means “stay sake shop” in Japanese or drinking and snacking taverns in Japan. They are places where people gather to share memories together over great food and ever-flowing drinks. Eat all the foods… from tempura to Okonomiyaki, a Japanese style pancake filled with bacon, vegetables and topped with a fried egg. All tickets include drink tickets for the night with souvenir mug for refills on beer, sake and cocktail tastings. With over 15+ Japanese Spirits paired and 6 of our favorite local food hawkers, Izakaya Night will be an endless cycle of eating and drinking with friends.

Taste the World’s Best Sake outside of Japan

Izakaya Night will be featuring over 10+ different sakes from Junmai to Daiginjo, attendees will have the opportunity to explore a full range of Japan’s national beverage. Sake is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. The art of polishing grain, water selection and filtration are all used to craft the perfect sake. In fact, the world’s best Sake outside of Japan was awarded in Japan to local brewer in Arizona. Come meet the sake maker himself, Atsuo Sakurai at the sake barrel breaking ceremony and sharpen your sake knowledge with our sake sommelier.

Meet the $1,000 Whisky Bottle

In 2003, Japanese Whisky made its first global debut costarring with Bill Murray in ‘Lost in Translation’. Ten years later, Yamazaki, a sister company of Suntory, won ‘Best Whisky of the World’ beating out Scotland. Izakaya Night will be featuring several brands including two leading distilleries in Japan, Suntory and Nikka. John Christie, director of whiskey at Grey Hen will be hosting a VIP Master Whisky Tasting Class, featuring (5) of his favorite bottles.

First 100 attendees will get a raffle for an extremely rare bottle of whisky, Yamazaki 18 Years, currently discontinued and retails for up to $1000.

Help keep immigrant families together

Izakaya Night is not only a place to gather with friends, but it’s also a place to help keep families together. This event benefits Phoenix Legal Action Network, a local 501(3)(c) non-profit organization providing free legal services to immigrants and their families in need. Between 2007 and 2012, the United States saw over 1.2 million deportation cases with only 2% of those cases with immigrants who secured pro-bono legal representation. In Arizona alone, we see about 100,000 cases annually and currently PLAN is THE ONLY organization providing pro-bono services to non-detained immigrants.

Make Phoenix THE cultural Food Destination

Izakaya Night is the first event in Arizona celebrating Japanese Spirits and street food. Because Japanese spirits are premium products it’s very rare that you will see a congregation of brands outside of big cities like Los Angeles or New York City. This is the first time Phoenicians will be seeing such a wide variety of imported spirits from Japan at one event. Hawker Street Market’s mission to promote culture through food, drinks and memorable experiences. This is one of many, we hope to maintain in the Valley, help us spread the word and attend the events so we can continue growing diversity in the desert.


Location: Heritage Square, Downtown Phoenix

Date: Friday, March 6, 2020 Time: 7PM – 11PM / Alcohol service from 7PM – 10PM


Follow: IG/FB/T @hawkerstreetmarket

Pricing: $45 GA (includes alcohol); $90 VIP (GA + Whisky Class); $25 Designated Driver


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