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Bro Bro's - Honor, Love & BBQ

Let us tell you the story of Bro Bro's BBQ, an up-and-coming pop-up stand owned by local guys, Kelli James Lee and Jeff Tellman. It's a story of honor, passion and great food.

Bro Bro's was born during the beginning of the pandemic when Lee and Tellman found themselves out of work (like most of the world) due to the quarantine. They needed a new way to support their families.

Prior to the lockdown, Lee was managing a BBQ restaurant and Tellman sold cars. Both had been in those careers for over 20 years. “I had lost my job due to covid and was worried about my family's future, and Jeff was forced to stay home and wasn't selling as many cars as he had been,” said Lee. “Since we both love cooking so much we decided to launch Bro Bro's as a team.”

Lee added that they named their new endeavor Bro Bro's as a tribute to a pair of close friends they had lost. “Both deaths were major tragedies to us and our friends and family, we started Bro Bro's in their honor.”

Bro Bro's is serving up Texas 'que with an Arizona flare to give their food a style that showcases southwest spices and heat. Folks can find the unique creations they offer at Tavern on the Creek on Cave Creek Rd. and Greenway, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening for dinner and on Sundays for breakfast burritos. They are also available for catering and private events.

Lee and Tellman worked together and collaborated on all the recipes, finding inspiration in family and friends. “Our signature smoked green chile recipe is from Jeff's mother who passed away over 30 years ago,” Lee said. “We're inspired daily by the foods we like to eat with people we love and we love cooking together.”

In the short time that Bro Bro's has been open they've received rave reviews about their signature sandwiches. “The Half Man Half Amazing sandwich is named after our dearly missed late friend, Kenny, and our Chucky's Revenge is burnt ends named in honor of our late, great friend, Charles Porter.” said Lee. “Both have been very popular when we're out and they are absolutely delicious.”

Also popular are their smoked wings with creative sauces like peach habanero and green chile tomatillo chutney.

So where the hardships of the quarantine started off with stress for the duo, it has now turned into a blessing, allowing them the freedom to do something they both truly enjoy. “We love that we both have creative carte blanche to make everything they way we want it to. People love our food,” said Lee.

Bro Bro's loves what they are doing, and we're pretty sure you will too. Check them out on Facebook for more information.


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