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Best Bánh mì in Phoenix

Everyone wants to know, where is your fav spot to eat? @banhmibistroaz is one of my go-to restaurants. I eat here with the family multiple times a month. Their Bánh Mì  is amazing but the noodle bowl is crave worthy! This has definitely become comfort food for me, so bring on the extra pork and pork egg rolls!!

More about the restaurant:

Bánh Mì Bistro is a Vietnamese eatery, created by husband-and-wife team John Le and Ha Nguyen. They have had plenty of experience in the business from helping run the family business (Little Saigon Restaurant in Old Town Glendale) for several years. In 2014, they decided to open up their very own fast-casual food venture. Since then, they’ve been serving the Phoenix area their classic and modern takes on the iconic bánh mì sandwich, as well as other staple Vietnamese dishes and specialty drinks.

In keeping with tradition, all meats — including our homemade liver pâté and steamed pork roll — are cured and marinated in-house. Everything is prepared fresh with natural ingredients & vegetables, and their bread is locally-baked and delivered daily! they use family recipes but add a fresh culinary take. They serve authentic Vietnamese food that’s fast, fresh and full of flavor — all at a reasonable price!

What is Bánh Mì ?

Bánh mì is an airy, crunchy French-styled baguette stuffed with a combination of meats, vegetables and other condiments. While balancing different textures and temperatures, bánh mì also has a flavor profile that is off the charts: salty, sour, savory, sweet, and aromatic all at once! As it has grown to become a staple in Vietnamese cuisine, so has its versatility: you can swap Vietnamese cold cuts for more traditional protein like grilled pork or chicken, substitute soy for a few dashes of Maggi seasoning sauce, or simply go all-veggie! Though there are many variations that can cater to anyone, here are the main ingredients that typically make up a bánh mì sandwich:

BREAD: airy, crispy French-styled baguette

PROTEIN: Vietnamese ham, steamed pork roll or other meats

VEGETABLES: sliced cucumber, pickled carrot & daikon

HERBS & SPICES: crisp cilantro, fresh chilis and/or jalapeño

CONDIMENTS: pâté, butter, mayonnaise or soy sauce

For more information head on over to their website:


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