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Backyard Grilling: Cynch Propane Delivery

Thanks to Cynch Propane for sponsoring this post. Backyard grilling is a favorite in town because of the great weather. On the flip side, when it’s too hot out, we prefer to grill so the oven doesn’t heat up the house. We use propane in our fire pit, which is used regularly during the spring, winter and fall. Lastly, using our grill has been a lifesaver during our kitchen remodel and Cynch Propane has simplified the process of always having propane on hand and at our doorstep!

I’ve had neighbors tell me recently that they are having a hard time finding propane. So I told them about Cynch because why bother driving all around town trying to find propane when they will deliver it to your doorstep? Once you get it at your door, it’s easy to hook it up to your grill or fire pit or whatever you’re using it for.

Initially you buy a spare Cynch tank from them and then after that you’ll just pay for an exchange. When you’re ready for an exchange or to get your first spare tank, go onto their website, enter your zip code, choose the tank, select where to pickup and drop off the tank, then pay and you’re good to go. Most of the time I can get a fresh tank by the following day.

This is the time to try the service out because they are offering my followers a discount! For new customers, go to and you can get your first tank exchange for only $10, just use promo code: DIANA

Happy Grilling!! Feel free to share what you’re grilling and tag me in the post.


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