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  • Diana Brandt

Spooky State Fair Corn Dogs

I'm here to take that boring old mummy hot dog recipe to the next level! This is the perfect way to create a fun experience at your next Halloween celebration. Not only are these delicious but they're going to be a hit.

All you need for this super simple recipe is 4 items from your local Fry's. I love using the State Fair 100% Beef Corn Dogs because they’re a good source of protein and made with honey-sweetened batter.

You'll need:

  • State Fair 100% Beef Corn Dogs (12 ct)

  • Monterey Jack Cheese

  • Candy eyes found in the baking section

  • 1 tablespoon of butter


  • Follow the box directions for heating up the State Fair 100% Beef Corn Dogs

  • Melt a tablespoon of butter in your small non stick pan on medium high

  • Once melted, add 1/2 c of Monterey jack cheese

  • When the cheese begins to melt, mix it around

  • You'll notice it's almost fully melted through and that's when you should start wrapping the corn dogs

  • Take a pair of chopsticks and grab the cheese, begin wrapping around the State Fair Corn Dog in a mummy pattern

  • Add the eyes when you're finished and they're ready to eat!

If you want to do this during your party or event, it's easiest to have a single burner available and keep the cheese at a low temperature. This will keep the cheese melted and give guests the ability to mummify their own corn dog but won't burn the cheese. Just keep adding cheese to the pan as you need.

Have a spooky Halloween!!

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