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Product Launch: True Salt

Some of you might understand but some of you may wonder why truly good salt even matters. The only way you can see the difference, is when you taste the difference. Do a side by side taste of your table salt and True Salt and then you'll never want to go back to regular salt again! I've been using True Salt for awhile now and it's good gals, real good!

True Salt, the company that is dedicated to bringing to market a cleaner, tastier, and better sea salt, is expanding its product line with the addition of Flake Salt and Cocktail Salt. These new additions in response to the demand for new sea salt products since their launch just last year. True Salt’s Cocktail Salt and Flake Salt are now available directly to consumers as well as for commercial use.

“We could not have predicted the popularity and high demand of our three introductory products,” said Co-Founder Brian Pierce of the company’s Kosher Grain, Fine Grain and Coarse Grain products. “Our customers had been asking us for True Salt grains that they can use to finish both their dishes and their cocktails, and we designed these two new grains to meet their requests. We are excited to introduce these two new products to our lineup.”

Designed specifically for rimming cocktail glasses and adding additional flavor to drinks, True Salt’s new Cocktail Salt was created in collaboration with mixologists to provide both the flavor and visual presence needed to make craft cocktails come to life. It has already been extremely well received among the bartending and mixology community since its recent debut. True Salt’s Cocktail Salt brings flavor and depth to cocktails from margaritas to Salty Dogs.

True Salt’s Flake Salt is designed to be a finishing salt that enhances both the flavor and appearance of dishes. Flake Salt can be used as an enhancement for sweets (sprinkled on chocolate chip cookies, for example) as well as seafood and steaks. The result is not only visually appealing but delicious. Flake Salt is fast dissolving and rich in flavor.

All of True Salt’s products are made with an extremely high attention to detail and quality. From the environmentally friendly harvesting process to the deliberately natural methods, True Salt products retain their healthy nutrients and do not contain bleaches, chemicals, and anti-caking agents. The end result is an all-natural, clean sea salt. True Salt can be purchased online at in individual pouches for consumer use as well as in larger quantities for commercial needs.

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