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Simply Shari's Gluten Free

Simply Shari’s Gluten-Free, located in Scottsdale, has recently improved upon its already delicious recipe and unveils new packaging that more accurately reflects the company’s dedication to producing a nutritious and delicious treat using the freshest ingredients and maintaining the highest health standards.

All the cookies in the Simply Shari’s Gluten Free shortbread line are not only gluten- and wheat-free, they have recently been Non-GMO Project verified (with the familiar stamp on the products’ new packaging to prove it). The shortbreads are now made with certified non-GMO butter and have omitted any ingredients that included palm oil — a recent recipe redevelopment to ensure the end results are even healthier and tastier — are certified kosher and certified gluten-free. Simply Shari’s Gluten Free shortbread cookies are proudly free of:

· palm oil

· soy

· peanuts

· tree nuts

· egg

“We are so proud of our recent Non-GMO Project certification as we feel it further showcases the effort and dedication out company puts forth to produce not only a delicious treat, but one that is healthy and has the least negative impact on the health of our earth’s precious resources,” says Founder and CEO Shari Cole, referring to the recent decision to remove any ingredients made with palm oil from their products, due to the fact that its use is destroying the rain forests and as a result, endangering the orangutan population.

Simply Shari’s Shortbread five flavors include:

· Chunky Chocolate Chip

· Pucker Up Lemon

· Better Than Yours (Plain)

· Double Trouble Chocolate

· Cranberry Orange Dream

Inspired by her daughter, Brittany, who lives with Autism and thrives on a gluten-, soy- and dairy-free diet, Cole set out to create a healthy, scrumptious treat that not only her daughter but also others living a gluten-free lifestyle can enjoy. In addition to being a supporter of healthy living and nutrition, Cole is an advocate for Autism and anti-bullying. As a result of these passions, she gives a portion of her company profits to Autism Speaks and PACER National Bullying Prevention Center.

Simply Shari’s has recently partnered with another local company focused on healthy living choices — Sprouts Farmers Market — to offer shoppers a discount on the shortbread cookie line. Throughout the month of November (11/1-11/30), guests can receive .60 cents off any one package of Simply Shari’s Gluten-Free shortbread cookies when they present a mobile coupon that can be found at In addition to Sprouts Farmers Market locations, Simply Shari’s Gluten Free shortbread cookies are available at retailers throughout the West Coast including Walmart (California) and Fry’s as well as nationally online and For more information, visit

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