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New Dine-In Entertainment Concept in Chandler

Flix Brewhouse is excited to announce its first Arizona location with a new venue opening in downtown Chandler’s upcoming Overstreet development this December. Occupying the anchor position in the emerging, 77,000 square-foot East Valley retail hub, Flix Brewhouse is bringing its enhanced craft culinary experience complete with a fully functioning microbrewery and brand-new state-of-the-art theater this winter.

Flix checks every box of the new movie-going standard, blending high end hospitality and industry-leading technology with first class brewery operations, resulting in fine brews and Hollywood blockbusters all under one roof. Chandler’s new Flix location will feature the brewery/theater hybrid’s dynamic auditoriums with comfortable wide seating, ultra-high resolution 50-foot+ HD parabolic silver screens, digital projection and Dolby sound technology.

“We’re thrilled to call Chandler our new home,” says Director of Marketing for Flix Brewhouse, Greg Johnson. “The East Valley is the perfect place for a dine-in movie-going concept. Plus, Chandler is already well-established on the national beer map, so we’re looking to really add to the city’s profile with our award-winning brews.”

Beyond simply providing dine-in food and beverage service at every seat, Flix complements movie magic with award-winning beer offerings on tap, along with a bevy of regionally inspired beers, made locally in small batches on site. The one-stop cinema-brewery will occupy a 35,000 square-foot space equipped with 9 auditoriums featuring wide-format screens, capturing the leading-edge movie complex designs of the moment and the beloved wide-open gastropub atmosphere all in one.

Overstreet, located at Arizona Avenue and Chandler Boulevard, is the East Valley’s newest retail and dining hotspot. The project is being developed by DMB Ventures and LGE Design Build. For more information, follow Flix Brewhouse on Facebook and Instagram @FlixBrewhouse.

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