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  • Diana Brandt

Staycation: Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale

Driving up to the Four Seasons Resort, is almost like driving straight out of town. I guess that feeling is all relative to where you reside, so for me, that's what it feels like. The resort itself is surrounded by nature and that gives it a sense of peacefulness and zen, that you don't always get when you stay at a resort in town. If you're looking to fully relax, to feel like you've left town without leaving it and to eat some of the best food, this is the staycation for you.

There is plenty of activities to do during your stay, although we opted for eating and pool time as our main choices. The resort has locally inspired spa treatments, two world-class golf courses that are a short shuttle ride away, plenty of space for hiking, mountain biking or even just a scenic walk and as I mentioned before, a bi-level pool (one area is 18+ and older) and a pool for the little children too and amazing spots for your late night cocktails or a bite to eat.

The rooms are cozy and the views are endless from your patio or deck. The comfy beds make it hard to want to leave but the newly furnished pools were calling my name. Since the last time I had stayed, they've updated the pool area and I totally dig it. The pools are now surrounded by large, pillowy chairs and beds and their cabanas are equally as inviting. I hopped into the pool and took at look at the menu from the Saguaro Blossom. Who could pass up cauliflower bites with Lemon, Garlic, Feta, Tahini Sauce? Not me. I tried to only sample them but ended up eating all of them. Also, their Verde margarita, with or without alcohol, is a hit a delicious blend that includes avocado and a hint of jalapeno.

Let's talk about dinner though! They've redone the feel of the menus and the look of the restaurants since I've last been at the resort and Chef Sanz has taken over the duties at Talavera and I'm digging EVERYTHING!! Chef Sanz and her crew are super talented and even if you aren't planning to stay the night, I HIGHLY recommend you go try out the restaurant. Our experience from service to food was impeccable. The Spanish flavors and vibe of the restaurant were prevalent and the colors were vibrant, there was live music and no shortage of picture opportunities at sunset with an expansive view of the city.

What did we eat? Everything! I mean, it felt like we ate everything and it was hard to stop eating, in order to pace ourselves through the entire meal. If you've eaten with me or watched my social shares of eating, I always have to make it to dessert. We started with some lighter fare, a noble bread topped with roasted garlic, heirloom tomato and spanish olive oil, we also had a charcuterie board with some fine meats and cheeses. Just give me a board of meat and cheese and bread and I'll be happy eating it for the rest of my life, am I right??!! She also brought out the ocotopus, the ahi tuna, meatballs and colorful plate of carrots.

For our heavier fare, we tasted the perfectly seared scallops with marcona almond, chorizo and chickpea. The Prime NY Strip with cress, parsley, radish and chimichurri (this was probably my favorite dish and I didn't even order it, my other half did) and the gorgeous secreto Iberico de Bellota which is iberian pork shoulder, cherry mostarda, green apple and celery root.

If you think that's it, you forgot I mentioned I must have room for dessert, so to top off this AMAZING meal, we had two desserts the flaming tres leches, which was so much fun because they light it on fire at the table! And the chocolate marquesa cake, with spiced mango chutney and salted cocoa nib. You can imagine that after dinner, I quickly enjoyed the use of that comfy bed and watched Bravo TV until I passed out.

The birds were out bright and early and the grounds were buzzing with nature as I walked down to breakfast at Proof. They've got all your American classics, but I came for the cloud pancake a Souffle Pancake with Blueberry Jam, Almond Crumble, Maple Syrup and Basil. You need this in your life, you'll want pancakes like this forever. You know I also had to order the salmon avocado bagel with Hard-Boiled Egg, Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese Spread, Avocado, Red Onion, Larrupin' Sauce on an Everything Bagel and of course, I love that they serve Press Cold Brew Coffee.

Off to the pool I went again and yes, I ordered more food. I know it sounds crazy, even as I write this, I'm like whoa, she's eating again!! I eat in nibbles and I'm not the only one eating, so really, is it that much food? We started with the avocado flatbread which was topped with Avocado, Broccoli, Radish, Jalapeño, Queen Creek Olive Oil on Multigain Flatbread and then I had the carne asada bowl, you need to order this at the pool. It's full of carne asada, Charred Peppers & Onions, Pico De Gallo, Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa, Queso Fresco, and topped with Tortilla Crisps. The seabass tacos are legit too.

And that my friends, brings me to the end of my stay. I walked back to my room sipping on a fruity drink and sad to leave but if you're looking for a staycation that's perfect for a romantic getaway, maybe a solo retreat, or you have a hankering for a really great foodcation, this is your spot. If you're looking for some specials, you can find them here.

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