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Cartel Coffee Lab, the longstanding Tempe-based coffee purveyor known for sourcing and roasting beans from around the world is opening their own bakery, servicing their own cafés. To celebrate its launch, Cartel is hosting a Pastry Case Takeover where conscious consumers can enjoy a free preview of their single-origin Guatemalan chocolate chip cookies at all six locations in Arizona on July 4th.

The Pastry Case Takeover continues through the weekend with a new specialty item each day until July 8th. Cartel will also feature a ‘Baked and Roasted’ special: an 8 oz hot or cold brew coffee with the featured daily pastry for $5.

“I plan to apply the same thoughtfulness and dedication to quality that Cartel applies to their coffee in the development of the Cartel Bakery. Looking forward to serving y’all!” said Bakery Manager Casey Hopkins.

No Compromises

Staying true to their coffee sourcing philosophies, Cartel will be procuring ingredients from local specialists with the likes of Zak’s Chocolate, Mount Hope, McClendon’s Select, and Steadfast Farms.

“It just made sense for us to bring our baked goods in-house company-wide,” said co-founder Jason Silberschlag. “We’ve proven the concept in Tucson and now we are ready to do it in the Valley as well.”

Looking Forward

Through the years, the decade-old Cartel has received national and international recognition as a purveyor of the world’s most exciting coffees. As Cartel continues to expand, their commitment to products without compromise leads them to bring the production of baked goods in-house as a next phase in their passion to curate meaningful experiences for their customers.

“The Cartel Bakery is the next stage of an intensely focused season for us in our 10th anniversary year. We have a number of other surprises on the horizon, so keep an eye out!” said Paul Haworth, Director of Brand.

Earlier this year, Cartel Coffee Lab celebrated its 10 year anniversary by releasing limited edition packaging for their coffees; they showcased locals such as barista and illustrator Chrysteena Garcia, as well as Think! Graphic and Printing Solutions.

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