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  • Diana Brandt

Curry & Scoop

Curry up and go try out this Indian restaurant, if these pictures don't make your mouth water, maybe the restaurant highlights below will peak your interest.

Restaurant Highlights:

1.Menu changes every 3-4 months, we consider seasonal ingredients when planning for the new menu and also since Indian cuisine is so large we have an advantage of working a large pool of menu items.

2. They make their own specialty (Indian inspired) ice-creams.Some of the flavors change on a weekly basis. Popular choices are Gulkand (rose petal), Kesar Mango, Metha Paan (Bettle leaf ice cream), Turmeric & Coconut

3. They have a huge catering menu selection.

4. Their menu pricing is best in town and no other Indian restaurant has a concept like theirs.

If that makes you want to check out what they have to offer you can find them at:

1805 E Elliot Rd #106, Tempe, AZ 85284

Or online at:

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