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National Donut Day and Donut Festival Announcement

The donut festival is coming, I repeat, the donut festival is coming!!! Get your tickets, grab your friends and get ready to join in on all the glory that is the donut!! And donut forget that this Friday is National Donut Day! I hope you will join me and thousands of other donut obsessed people, by eating lots of donuts or even just one this Friday.

On November 18, the first Downtown Donut Festival will take place on the Sunday before Thanksgiving from 11am to 3pm at Margaret T. Hance Park in downtown Phoenix. As an addition to the 4th Annual Phoenix Pizza Festival, which takes place on Saturday, November 17, 2018, the Downtown Donut Festival is essentially the perfect way to follow up a day of pizza pies and keep your week-long eating binge in full force.

Approximately 15 local donut makers will come together and serve $1 donuts, samples of donuts, donut holes, and all manner of donut creations to a crowd of about 2,000 attendees. Food blogger, Instagram sensation and Donut Queen, Arizona Foodie (on Instagram at @azfoodie), is partnering up with the Festival crew to make this event the sweetest it can be. The Downtown Donut Festival is also partnering with Downtown Phoenix Inc. as a charity beneficiary. This community development group promotes the revitalization of downtown by supporting events and local businesses.

Mimosa bars, craft beer and wine tasting stations, fun lawn games, and live bands will add to the donut enjoyment. A craft zone where kids can decorate paper donuts will round out the fun. Since the holiday shopping season kicks off later that week, the event will also include a local business vendor marketplace so attendees can shop for gifts while supporting local business. Tickets and further details are available at Date & Time: Sunday, November 18, 2018, 11am-3pm Location: Margaret T. Hance Park, 1202 N. 3rd St.., Phoenix, AZ 85004 Tickets: $8 entry Parking: Free and available around the park. Light rail stops within one block of event. Information: 480.442.9176,

Where you should you celebrate this glorious news or National Donut Day? Here's a few of my top spots to hit:

What is your favorite donut shop and your favorite kind of donut to get there?

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