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  • Diana Brandt

You Need Churros In Your Life

I made the trek down to Gilbert for the opportunity to eat all the churros, at the newly opened Dulce Churro Cafe.

I am furious and you want to know why? Because how the hell am I supposed to cure my churro craving when the churro shop is down in Gilbert! Do you know how long it takes to get down to Gilbert? I can't be driving out there every time a craving right now. These churros were good, the looped churros and the stuffed ones were my favorite.

What I found out by chatting with the owners (it's a family run business and they even have their son working with them) is that churros need love when they are being cooked. It takes precision, from the dough, to that cook time in the oil. All of this can come together perfectly for that crisp churro, if it's done right. Dulce Churro Cafe does it right!

So until we get a churro shop up here in Phoenix, you better head down to Gilbert to try them out and see what it's all about. I'm telling you, you won't be disappointed. And feel free to a bring a few back for me (although they are best to eat when fresh).

1674 N Higley Rd #107, Gilbert, AZ 85206

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