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Phoenix Rescue Mission: Winter Wonderland

I know sometimes we are looking for ways to help out during the year and for me, it's so much easier when it ends up in front of my face and I can just do it. That's why I'm promoting this event. Phoenix Rescue Mission is one of the local charities that I support throughout the year, as I can, and we will definitely be donating to this event and hopefully volunteering at it as well. If you would like to volunteer at the event, please contact Yadira at volunteer services at 602 688 3376 or

This organization does so much for our community and helping those out that need a hand up. The stories of the lives they've changed are amazing and worth reading.

Their annual Winter Wonderland Event is right around the corner on December 16th. It's a special day where the families they serve select a toy for their children for Christmas and children can "shop" for their parents.

They need toys for children of all ages, as well as items for adults like household wares, personal care items, blankets, and tools. There will also be cookie decorating, fun activities and hot chocolate for everyone! Bring your unwrapped items to our Mission Support Center, 1468 N. 26th Avenue by Friday, December 15th from 8am - 4 pm (closed Saturdays and Sunday).

Winter Wonderland - December 16th

Bring all toys donations to:

1468 N. 26th Ave by Friday, December 15th from 8am-4pm

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