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  • Diana Brandt

No Travel Necessary

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Photography by Chanelle Sinclair

Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort has breathtaking mountain vista views, fine dining, beautiful water features, an on-site spa, and world-class golf. This resort is not a far drive for most, and it’s located in Central Phoenix on 7th St., North of Dunlap.

The resort has three different restaurants. Cascades Cafe is for casual dining, while the Pointe in Thyme Grille is a local favorite. My personal favorite is the Different Pointe of View, a destination dining venue for 31 years.

You don’t have to stay at the resort to get a taste of this fine dining experience. Perched on top of a steep hill you’ll find one of the best views in Phoenix. You’ll be greeted and served by a stellar staff, and Chef Anthony Demuro will be preparing your exquisite dishes in the kitchen. 

Different Pointe of View is one of my top spots to recommend to friends and followers. In fact, I always seem to end up there on my birthday. If you’re looking for a romantic meal, a special occasion meal or just a meal and view to take your breath away. This is the restaurant for you.

I’ll never forget the first time I met Chef Demuro. We were partaking in a wine dinner, and he was cooking for fifteen of us. However, it wasn’t in the kitchen. He prepared all the courses in the dining room, and on a makeshift kitchen space with a couple of burners.

I was impressed by his calm demeanor. He made his dishes look as if they were prepared with ease. A warm and mellow vibe flowed off of him. It’s probably one of the reasons that he has high employee retention in his restaurant. 

He once told me that he prefers to have staff that has very little or no experience.

“They’re easier to train that way,” he said.

  I admired the floor to ceiling windows and adored the view. Chef Demuro also shared with me his love of taking pictures. You’ll find daily pictures on Chef’s FB page of the specials that he runs each night. What you might not know, is his photography skills are not limited to food. In fact, he’s captured some exceptional shots of storms rolling into town as well as an array of animal pictures. Chef says he has a special connection with nature. With his energy, I have no doubt.

Next time you’re looking for a new spot to try. Stop by and visit Chef Demuro. You can’t go wrong with anything you order on the menu. I highly suggest that you save room for dessert though. The pastry Chef does a spectacular job of satisfying my sweet tooth!

Different Pointe Of View 11111 North 7th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85020

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