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  • Diana Brandt

Legoland California Eats

I'm so intrigued by the food at all these Theme Parks. They really are trying to hit a range of menu items and sometimes feeling a bit like they want to be trendy. When we arrived at Legoland California, I had already planned out my plan of attack. They had ramen, which I was weary of and bao buns, would be upon my exit from the park, which I was also not sure about. In fact, I feel like a lot of times the food at theme parks can lack in flavor and quality.

Let me start our food journey with one of my favorite items from the park, these churros with chocolate. There was a line for them and for good reason, these babies were out of this world. The dough was crisp but a tad bit soft in the center, the flavor was there and the chocolate took it to another level. But enough about churros. Let's head through the rest of the park.

I thought, hot dogs, eh, a hot dog is a hot dog. This hot dog from Fun Town took my tastebuds on a ride with the avocado, bacon, mayo, peppers onions and the best kind of vessel possible, a soft and fluffy bun. You need to get these and the churros.

Wok N Bowl Ramen is by Lego Friends Heartlake City. While I did enjoy it, especially for a theme park ramen, don't order this expecting it to be a life changing ramen or the best one you've ever had. However, when I went, the broth had flavor and the meat was tasty. It hit the spot and got us moving to the next area.

The Ninja Kitchen at Ninjago World, peaked my curiosity as they Bánh Mì Vietnamese sandwiches on fresh baked baguette or steamed Bao Buns. While I did not taste the Banh Mi, I did opt for some pork belly bao buns. I would suggest giving them a try for a fun meal during your explorations.

You can't go wrong with the giant rice krispy treats or the huge nutella brownies. You can find them at most of the little shops around the theme park!

This last food item had me super curious because I kid you not, everyone was eating them and there was quite a line to get these. Granny's apple fries seemed like they were going to be quite the score but when I received my box and took a bite, I was unsure of how to feel. They weren't crisp like apples, nor were they crisp like fries in any capacity. They were more like soft flavorless fry cut items, coated in cinnamon and sugar. I'm wondering if I just got a weird batch or if I'm not understanding the obsession with these. Somebody help me out!

There you have it my friends. Plenty of options for fun eating as you walk around the millions of Legos and enjoy the rides. I saw crepe bar that seemed promising and some other restaurants but alas, I only have so much room in this stomach of mine and the rest will have to wait until next time. If you know of any other good items to try at Legoland California, let me know below!

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