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  • Diana Brandt

San Diego Must Eats

Every year I go to San Diego. Fun fact, I was born at Grossmont Hospital and I grew up going to the beach, the zoo and Sea World on the weekends with my ma, brother and sister. I spent 8 years of my life loving the beach life and then we moved up to Seattle. (Be on the lookout for a Seattle eating guide, coming next month).

San Diego is popping with places to grab grub and I only hit up a small portion of what is actually offered. You can find some of my favorite eats from last year here:

Our first stop in San Diego had to be poke at the Poke Chop, which was right down the street from us. Everything about this place was delicious, I highly recommend stopping by and grabbing a bowl. The small bowl, is not what I was expecting, it was a lot of food. Just warning you.

Oh my gosh, you guys! Cinnaholic is what dreams are made of and it's all vegan!!!! You don't need to order anything other than the cookie monster, which is a soft cinnamon roll, topped with cookie dough and chocolate sauce. You can make your own roll too with all kinds of toppings but this one I ate twice.

Better Buzz Coffee is a regular stop from day to day. I'm down with the avocado toast and oatmeal but people love their acai bowls. I also get the best drink ever, quite frequently. Want it dairy free, just ask for the coconut powder instead.

You can't forget to grab a few fish tacos from Oscar's Mexican food, they have plenty of locations and these tacos are ones that I have to get each time I visit.

You have to stop by Liberty Public Market, maybe a few times but make sure to have breakfast at Breakfast Republic. The coffee drinks were fabulous and the breakfast mac n cheese was bomb!

I had been dying to check out the Crack Shack and you should too! mmmm, I could go for one right about now.

I absolutely adored Bao Beach Eats! You must eat there! It's the cutest little space with great eats and I even ran into a follower there, because great foodies think alike :) I wish I had found this spot before the day we left because I would have eaten here a ton.

I had a ramen craving, surprise, surprise. This place was close by and the ramen was actually legit.

I know it's not the best picture but you guys kept telling me to go to Taco Surf and do the build your own and it was so good! The carne asada with cheese, hash browns, avocado and onions and peppers.

Copa Vida downtown by Petco Stadium had some of my favorite coffee this time around. You should give them a try and grab some of the food too!

These deserve an honorable mention because you guys might like them as much as everyone else does.

Everybody loves the mission, get there early because it's packed.

You want the donut bar? You're going to have to wait and then you'll get donuts the size of your head.

Vibe Café is fun because it's on the beach next to Bellmont, so you can get a quick caffeine fix.

Swell coffee could be fun to mix it up and check out a new spot.

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