• Diana Brandt

Blue Bunny Ice Cream Truck

This post was sponsored by Blue Bunny, but the content and opinions expressed are all my own.

You know I love any excuse to get dessert and when I heard that Blue Bunny had recently launched their first-ever ice cream sandwich food truck, serving gourmet, customizable ice cream cookie sandwiches, I was there! The Blue Bunny Truck makes it simple with 4 cookies to choose from, 2 ice cream flavors and 9 toppings. You have plenty of options to customize your favorite dessert without it being overwhelming, which I appreciate.

I went for the double chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream, topped with a drizzle of caramel sauce and some sprinkles to finish it off. This was my favorite combination. The cookies were fresh out of the oven and had to cool a tiny bit, so the chocolate chips in them were still slightly gooey. Gotta eat those things fast because the heat melts them quick! I was also intrigued by the special they had, which was the option to order the ice cream sandwich with waffles. Yes, two super crispy, warm waffles that I put chocolate ice cream between, drizzled with strawberry sauce and finished with M&Ms.

Blue Bunny Truck can be found around town this summer and you can check out their upcoming events here: http://bluebunnytruck.com/events

You can follow them on social meida too:

Instagram: @BlueBunnyTruck

Twitter: @BlueBunnyTruck


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