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  • Angel Fuchs

Frosted Frenzy

Cupcakes are happiness.

Nothing speaks to me more sweetly than a swirl of frosting atop a personal-sized cake. Put a cupcake in front of me alongside a slice of cake of the same flavor, and I will choose the cupcake every time. They’re cute and delicious, and nobody’s doing them better than Frosted Frenzy, the Valley’s ONLY cupcake food truck. Frosted Frenzy was founded in 2010 when longtime friends, Tami Hatch and Candy Shipley began discussing the idea of a cupcake business. They took orders online and over the phone for three years before deciding they wanted to get their cupcakes in front of more people. They chose to go the “mobile” route instead of opening a store front. “A cupcake truck just sounded like a whole bunch of fun!” said Hatch. “We LOVE the flexibility of being able to travel around the Valley. We’ve met so many amazing people and truly enjoy making someone’s day with cupcakes!” In addition to doling out some of the best cupcakes in town, Frosted Frenzy is also delivering something most other food trucks can’t - instant gratification. Don’t get me wrong, most Valley food trucks are pretty amazing, dishing up gourmet delights from their mobile kitchens, but most have one pesky thing in common - a wait time, and that’s because restaurant quality food is prepared in pretty tight quarters. It can be tough and time-consuming. But the ladies behind Frosted Frenzy are home bakers, and under the AZ Cottage Law, they freshly bake their cupcakes before heading out to a destination. Once they arrive, their offerings are immediately available for purchase and consumption without a long wait. Hatch and Shipley put a pinch of passion and lots of love into each and every cupcake, using the finest ingredients and cherished family recipes, they bake in small batches to ensure quality and taste. “We work hard on the presentation of our cupcakes,” said Hatch. “So they look as amazing as they taste!” You’ll see Frosted Frenzy out in town about four to five times a week. You can check their schedule at Be sure and follow them on social media for daily updates and flavors. Look for my personal favorites, Salted Caramel and Cookies & Cream.

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