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  • Diana Brandt

Summer at T. Cooks

Summer is the season for light and fresh cuisine and Executive Chef Todd Allison’s Mediterranean fare on his T. Cook’s summer menu delivers the perfect balance of flavors with a healthy twist.

“Spring and summer are one of the best growing seasons in Arizona with so many delicious herbs and vegetables from fresh chickpeas and morel mushrooms to green garlic and fava beans, which are only in season through August,” says Allison. “For this year’s menu, I really wanted these fresh flavors to take center stage and I tried to incorporate different ways to present them on the plate. You’ll see a lot of pickled vegetables and smoked tomatoes, which are my favorite, and we’re even making our own bone broth by combining lamb, veal and chicken bones with our house-made mushroom stock. It takes about 48 hours to prepare and the bone broth is great for your immune system and adds the perfect balance to sweet and salty dishes.” Some T. Cook’s standout items (and Chef favorites) on the new summer menu include: * Pan Roasted Alaskan Halibut ($38) with tart pearl onion, Fresno chili, orange bell pepper and pistachio pesto * Colorado Lamb Rack ($48) with baby artichoke, English peas, nantes carrot puree and vanilla demi glace * Lamb Tortellini ($17) with forest mushroom and bone broth * Abby Lee Farms Tomatoes ($13) with la querica prosciutto, burrata cheese (Chef’s favorite) and aged sherry * Cacio E Pepe ($29) with house-made fettucine, spring vegetables, parmesan and black pepper * ***Bonus - Chef’s Order: Spring Vegetable Salad ($12) with chopped romaine, haricot vert, corn, tomatoes, kale, radish and oregano vinaigrette & Grilled Venison Loin ($45) with morel mushrooms, green garlic, fava bean and melted leeks.

Located at Royal Palms Resort and Spa, part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, T. Cook’s has been one of Arizona’s most celebrated legacy restaurants for more than two decades. T. Cook’s culinary philosophy of magnifying the purity of fresh, seasonal ingredients is a celebration of its treasured heritage and offers a captivating environment in every sense with stone fireplaces, al fresco dining and unique design elements.

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