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  • Diana Brandt

Orange County Eats

Orange County has some of the trendiest shit I have seen and when I scroll through my feed, I get jealous! At some point for people like myself, it's not even about the food anymore, it's about taking these pictures of crazy things! But also, I've found that this stuff is pretty tasty too. So when I went to Disneyland a couple weeks ago, you know I had to hit up some of those spots. My time was limited but I'll be back for another visit soon.

You'll find another list I did from last year right here.

Drinks in lightbulbs! I won't pass on that my friends.

I killed two birds with one stone by hitting up They also have cookie dough for you to eat in an ice cream cone. I am obsessed with this and everything about it. They have all kinds of crazy flavors and cones to choose from and toppings, so you'll never get bored of eating there every day!

I don't want to talk about my bitterness for the fact that Poke Project was sold out of sushi doughnuts!!! It's ok guys, I understand. I will say that the sushi burrito was awesome, so I didn't leave empty handed. Poke Project

Since I didn't get my doughnut fix, I got real doughnuts and they blew my mind! Holy smokes you guys, these are some of my favorite doughnuts ever! Seriously stop by here and get some, you will not be disappointed. Crumbs Doughnuts

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