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  • Diana Brandt

San Diego Eating Guide


Better buzz coffee

Every morning we woke up and walked to Better Buzz Coffee for a best drink ever (Classic Americano with our signature creamy vanilla) and sometimes a pastry or breakfast sandwich (B.A.B.B Bacon, Almond Butter and Banana and maple syrup). This has always been a ritual for us when we travel to San Diego. They have locations all over town, so no matter where you are, there they will probably be


liberty public market

I had to check out Liberty Public Market. A space filled with all types of restaurants and pumping with people. It wasn’t hard for me to figure out what I wanted to try as the wicked Maine lobster was all that I could think about. A crisp bun filled with huge chunks of Maine lobster chilled with a bit of mayo and a side of fries. And we finished that meal off at Crafted baked goods with an ice cream sandwich made from a chocolate chip cookie, captain crunch square and some birthday cake ice cream in the middle. Damn! That was good stuff. You should go there for that ice cream sandwich, if nothing else.



My husband is pizza obsessed, so I found this great spot in Little Italy called Napizza. They are super friendly and you can order a bunch of different slices to try, as well as amazing salads, etc. We went for four different slices, BAPO with potato, bacon, mozzerlla and rosemary, pollo e pesto with mozz, chicken, cherry tomatoes, pesto and goat cheese, amatriciana with mozz, slow cooked crispy bacon in their amatriciana sauce, parm and parsley and spice me up with signature tomato sauce, mozz, sausage, roasted red peppers and jalapenos.


rolled up

Who doesn’t love sushi burritos? Rolled up on Hillcrest gave us our fill and introduced us to this delicious concept. I had the half and half so I could try out two rolls, the TBD with KOREAN SHORT RIBS, KIMCHI SALSA, JULIENNE CARROTS, CILANTRO, LETTUCE, CILANTRO CHILI BITCHIN SAUCE, BLUE CORN CHIPS, SALSA ROJA, the Crunchy Little Guy with SHRIMP TEMPURA, CRAB, SEASONED CABBAGE, PERSIAN CUCUMBER, GINGER BITCHIN SAUCE, BLUE CORN CHIPS, SRIRACHA AIOLI, EEL SAUCE. And my husband got The Pokey with AHI, PERSIAN CUCUMBER, LETTUCE, MASAGO, TEMPURA CRUNCH, GINGER BITCHIN SAUCE, WASABI SOY MAYO. Yes please, may I have another!


baked bear

So baked bear opened up the day we left for San Diego, so how could I not walk up to the location at Pacific Beach and try it out for myself. Pictured above is the butter pecan ice cream sandwiched between a chocolate chip cookie and brownie, drizzled with caramel and coated with oreo cookies.

4280 N Drinkwater Blvd #200, Scottsdale, AZ 85251​


oscar's mexican seafood

We had tacos at a few places but these were our favorite and we went back to Oscar’s Mexican Seafood twice for their spicy grilled shrimp tacos. Their location in La Jolla is a little hole in the wall, filled with inviting smells and the perfect eats. Check them out!


fat sal's

On our way up to Legoland we needed to have something hearty for our day there and Fat Sal’s came to the rescue. You don’t know Fat Sal’s? You need to know Fat Sal’s, not for the faint hearted and not for those trying to watch their figure either. But good. Let’s talk about the Fat Jerry, full of cheesesteak | chicken fingers | mozzarella sticks | crisp bacon | fried eggs | fries | mayo | ketchup | salt & pepper| on a hero.

2014 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006​

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