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Arizona Foodie’s internship program is open to current college students and the internship will run from August 28th to November 20th.

Please have your resume, cover letter and examples to us by August 18th!


Perks of being a part of Arizona Foodie include but are definitely not limited to getting to experience the local food scene, meeting with our amazing Chefs, hanging out with other super cool writers and people in the industry, building relationships that will be beneficial for you in the future, you'll learn a vast amount, you get to do it in a relaxed environment, we promise you'll have tons of fun but most importantly you'll get to eat and drink more than you'd even imagine!

Below are the requirements for the internships, please note that if you apply for these internships, we assume that you are as highly obsessed with food and drinks, as we are. It's kind of the main requirement. Please make sure to apply to the internship that fits you the best with a resume and cover letter and the subject of the email should have the internship listed. If you do not hear from us, don’t worry! We will be looking for interns again in a couple months. 

What you need if you are picked as an Arizona Foodie Intern:

  • Current college student

  • Ability to work a minimum 10 hours/week 

  • Ability to work in Downtown Phoenix, AZ office (although this may change because a lot of what we do is onsite at different restaurants)

  • Your own laptop

  • An understanding of Arizona Foodie’s aesthetic

Public Relations Intern

Wanna be our PR intern? Fabulous! We would want our PR and Brand intern to work closely with our marketing ideas. PR interns would help with collaborations and promotion of our special events, as well as other activities. All you need is strong communication skills, the ability to demonstrate creativity and  a solid understanding of social media. We will also have you search out new brands or companies that would be a great fit for Arizona Foodie to collaborate with. 

If this sounds like the internship for you, make sure to put “PR Intern” into the subject line when applying and don’t forget to attach your resume & cover letter and send to

Editorial Intern

Arizona Foodie is constantly looking for new content for the website and the magazine! Your main responsibilities in this position include creating ideas for blog posts, reaching out to restaurants, chefs and brands for interviews/features, and being in the know of all things related to food and drink. Your day would consist of creating those story ideas, meeting with Arizona Foodie to share those amazing ideas and writing for the blog or magazine.

If you can't get enough of scrolling through those blogs and writing about all things food related, then send some samples our way, along with your cover letter and resume. make sure to put "Editorial Intern” into the subject line when applying and send it over to

Video Intern

Video is all the rage and it's only going to get bigger. Plus, who doesn't love watching all those amazing dishes being created and they've got us over here drooling all over the place. That's what we want our video intern to be able to do too. Help us to create short videos, most will be for social media so about 15-60 seconds but some will be a little longer, no more than 5 mins, typically less than 3. We all know how much attention span people have these days, wait what was I saying... Just kidding. In all seriousness, the perfect fit for this position would be someone that knows how to keep the eye moving, how to capture food in good lighting, can keep things interesting and knows how to edit. You would also be involved in brainstorming where we could capture this content and basically help bring those Arizona Foodie videos to the next level. Also, must have an appetite because you'll have to help eat the stuff we tape!

If you’re interested in getting some hands on experience in video with Arizona Foodie, this is the place for you! Please apply by sending your cover letter and resume with the words "Video Intern" in your message and send over some links or examples of video work you have recently done. Send it on over to

Events Intern

We are starting up our events again! That means we’d love to have an intern to help the team, you’ll help bring these events to life! Responsibilities in this department include researching potential event sponsors, cultivating a relationship and securing sponsors, helping plan events, working to promote our sponsors, and ensuring all events run as smoothly as possible! Event interns typically need to attend the events they help plan because why wouldn't you want to?! That means, you get to eat a lot of food and have a ton of fun, hope you’re prepared!

If you’re interested in gaining exposure to the event planning sides of Arizona Foodie,send your cover letter and resume with "Events Intern" in the subject line to

Graphic Design Intern

Heavy emphasis on graphic design for our quarterly magazine. You’ll be able to see the fruits of your labor in print! As a Graphic Design intern, you'll be working to create graphics for our events, blog posts, marketing materials, social media channels and magazine. Our ideal Graphic Design intern will be able to understand Arizona Foodie’s brand. Must have knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign. 


Interested in creating some cool stuff with us? Send over your cover letter, resume, some graphic design examples that are recent and be sure to include "Graphic Design Intern" in the subject of the email and send to

Hurry up and send those resumes and cover letters in so that we can start hanging out and eating already! Just email it to

Seriously, I'm waiting!

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