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Restaurant Opening: Two Hands Corn Dogs

There’s just something about a hot dog. It’s served at the beach, the backyard barbecue, the ball game, the birthday party, and don’t forget the street food stand. That’s where Two Hands Corn Dog draws its inspiration from — hot dogs in South Korea are called corn dogs and are an extremely popular form of street food there. Two Hands Corn Dog has locations in California and Texas, and now it’s set to open up in Arizona by next month, Mesa to be exact.

“It’s next to H Mart and will bring in a lot of customers,” says owner Rena Kang. “it's convenient for people to drive from all over, then they can shop at H Mart and then can stop by our place, so that's why we chose Mesa first.”

If this location does well, the franchise could expand across the state.

“We are not only only focusing on the Korean community,” says Kang. “Corn dogs are also popular in Hispanic, African and other Asian cultures.”

These are special dogs though, not your traditional plain beef or pork hot dog, and they come in different combinations with different fillings.

“It's more light, more fluffy and crunchy, and it's made to order,” Kang says. “Nothing is pre-made, and you have to choose your own fillings — sausage, mozzarella, cheddar, or half and half, and then we deep fry it.”

And just like the name, you might need two hands to eat it with all that’s on it. There’s the Classic Dog with sweet and savory flavors or the Two Hands Dog covered in signature seasoning with sweet ranch sauce. If you like spicy, go for the Spicy Dog or if you’re more adventurous, there’s the Potato Dog, a corn dog wrapped in potato cubes or the Crispy Rice Dog covered in rice puffs. In addition to corn dogs, there will be Dirty Fries, tater puffs topped with Two Hands Dirty Sauce and Cheetos powder, plus drinks like Lemonade Slush and Horchata Slush. Kang says other menu items may be added in the future like gelato and Korean spicy rice cakes.

Two Hands Corn Dog has a soft opening planned for either the weekend of Nov. 20 or Dec. 4 and will offer free corn dogs from 12 to 2 p.m. The restaurant will have an update on what weekend is selected coming up soon, and then after that, the eatery will be open for business for good. In the meantime, check out Two Hands’ Facebook and Instagram pages. We don’t know about you, but we’re already salivating! Two Hands Corn Dog is located at 1933 W. Main Street, #6, Mesa.


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