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  • Brynne Chandler

New Delivery Concept: Meatwala

What started as a way to keep busy after being laid off due to the global pandemic has turned into a passion project for Meatwala’s Chef Dushyant Singh. Drawing on his 17 years worth of kitchen experience, Chef Singh knew that he wanted to open a butcher shop specializing in pre-marinated meats with true Indian flavors.

Eager to showcase the kind of meals found on any Indian table rather than the artificial colors and similar flavors of Americanized Indian fare, Chef Singh knew that he would have to go back to his roots. Happily experimenting, developing and adding his own take on recipes his mother had been making for the family for years without measuring ingredients or writing recipes down gave him a solid base for a menu that evolves and expands while never losing its authentic taste of home.

Plans for a combined butcher shop and small café are in the works, but in the meantime you can place orders for pre-marinated meats such as Beef Kebabs flavored with fennel and green chili, or Chef Singh’s favorite, Masala Chicken, on his website . All chicken is GMO-free and vegetarian-fed. You can also order Eggplant, which is prepared with hummus, red onion and spices. All entrees are ready for you to bake or grill and enjoy.

Side dishes include Maa di daal, known as the mother of lentils, Jeera rice with savory caramelized onions and cumin, or the tomato-rich potato dish Maa de Aloo.

Chef Singh likes to change things up, so stay informed of his culinary adventures and ever-evolving menu by following him on Instagram .


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