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Recipe: Savory Northerly Oat Bowl

Yeah, yeah, we all know about oatmeal in the morning, I typically eat oatmeal a coupe times a week for breakfast. I usually do this because I have protein oatmeal and then I add a few raisins for sweetness and texture. I had never thought about making savory oat bowls until now!

All you have to do is cook up some oats, I've been using Northerly Oats because they're a new local company and the quality and taste are above any other oats I've tried. I mix in some cheese and top it all off with an egg, sprouts and sweet potatoes, plus a little hot sauce and I'm good to go in the morning.

You ready to try a savory oat bowl too? Grab some of these oats I've been eating, they also donate to the community for every 2lb bag purchased. Check them out here. And you can even check out my sweet recipe that I posted using these oats too.


Brussel Sprouts

Sweet Potato

1/4 c of shredded cheddar cheese

Salt to Taste

1 Egg

Hot sauce

Make the amount of Northerly Oats you want, according to their cooking process. Once they are finished cooking, add the shredded cheese. Feel free to add more, if you need to. Add salt to taste and take off heat.

While the oats are cooking, use another pan to cook the sweet potato and sprouts in olive oil. Make sure to season these with salt and cook until crispy and ready to eat.

Cook the egg how you would like. Maybe you want it fried, maybe you want it poached? I think the bowl does better when there's a bit of a yolk to mix up into the oats but that's just me. You can skip the egg too and just add in the sprouts and sweet potato.

Put the oats in a bowl and add the egg, sweet potato, sprouts and hot sauce on top and enjoy!


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