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Hana House Serves Up Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine

Tucked away in a non-descript strip mall just east of I-17 on Northern Avenue is Hana House, a west side gem serving up authentic Middle Eastern food.

Owner, Mustafa Manassra and his family came to the United States from Palestine. They first arrived in New Jersey in 1993 before moving to Arizona 17 years ago. Manassra has owned a few businesses but he always had a goal to someday open his own restaurant. He dreamed of owning a place where he could share the food of his homeland and host people, treating every customer as a personal guest of his family.

That dream was realized this past January when Manassra opened Hana House. Family has been very important every step of the way, they help with everything from the cooking to managing social media. Even the name of the restaurant is an honor to his family, it's named after his nine year-old daughter, Hana.

Manassra's culinary background originates from back home in Palestine. When he was young his parents and grandparents taught him to cook and prepare traditional Palestinian dishes. Many of the menu items found at Hanna House are family recipes passed down through the years. The dishes served at Hana House are mostly from Palestine, but many are also known in other Middle Eastern countries as well. You'll find delicious dishes such as hummus, baba ghnaoush, dolmas, tabouleh, gyro, falafel, kibbeh and so much more. The offerings are vast and can easily be adapted to a variety of diets and lifestyles, like vegan and high-protein, low carb. There is something for everyone, even familiar items like chicken tenders and fries for kids. Their most popular items are the juicy kebabs and schwarmas, both available in chicken and beef. Everything is expertly seasoned and cooked to order.

“We want everyone to know that our main ingredient in all of our food is pure love,” said Manassra. “And we want to sincerely thank everyone for their support these short 3 months, we are so excited and optimistic for what the future will hold.”

Hana House is located at 2350 W. Northern Avenue, Phoenix, 85021.


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