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Beginning today, April 3rd,, Hopdoddy Burger Bar invites their customers into The Smoke Show, a month long experience celebrating musicians who march to the beat of their own drum in the spirit of 4/20 and aren’t afraid to light up for a little inspiration. The Smoke Show menu will be available at all Hopdoddy locations throughout the month of April and will feature items such as the Red Eyed Stranger Burger and the Gin & Juice cocktail.

“Born in Austin, original music has always been a key part of the Hopdoddy vibe. Kicking off with the Smoke Show this month, we are committed to opening minds through open mouths by creating tributary menu items and playlists to artists that inspire us, our guests, and communities,” said Chief Growth Officer, Terry Haley.

Hopdoddy knows that to embrace life you really have to open wide; an open mouth leads to an open mind. Hopdoddy, like the musicians they celebrate, continues to create original menu items inspired by the artists themselves who made their own way. That is why this April, we are jamming out to artists who are part of The Smoke Show lighting up with a menu that is certain to get diners into the spirit.

The April menu will include the following:

Red Eyed Stranger Burger

  • Hemp & Oat seeded bun, red eye mayo, green chili sauce, tobacco onions, fried egg, country style seasoned pork patty

Gin & Juice Cocktail

  • Gin, Pineapple, Lime, Guava

Young, Wild And Fries Shake

  • Malted Chocolate, Oreo® Cookie-dusted French Fry Garnish

Additionally, on April 20th, Hopdoddy will serve a special 4/20 burger, which will only be available that day:

420 Burger Remix (only available on 4/20)

  • Pizza bagel top bun, Cool Ranch® dusted french fries, Flaming Hot Cheeto® ketchup, deep fried Funyon® mayo on a taco patty

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