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Restaurant Opening: Little Miss BBQ

Guess what? If you didn't already know, Little Miss BBQ opened up a new location. I didn't want any of you to know because it's close to my house and I don't want to deal with long lines but I figured that was selfish. So there you have it. Some of my fav brisket in town is being served just north of Northern off of 7th St. If you want all the up to date info on their hours, go to their Instagram page. I went last week and got there 30 mins before they opened and waited an hour and a half for the food (just to give you an idea of wait time). They have plenty of space now at this restaurant, nice patio and indoor space is quite large. They have a bar on property so you can grab a cocktail or drink and they have a couple new food items, like mac n cheese and roasted veggies.

Check them out. Yes, it is worth the wait! Yes, there will always probably for the rest of your life and mine be a wait! Yes, you can skip the line if you do a catering order! And congrats to my friend Scott and his wife and the whole crew at Little Miss BBQ. As I was waiting in line, I was looking around the new space and thinking how amazing it is to know your story and how hard you worked to get to this point. You deserve to have lines! xoxox

Little Miss BBQ, 8901 North Seventh Street.

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