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Crudo & Chula Seafood To Host Raw Bar Event

Hosted in the bar area, this one-night-only culinary mash-up brings together the combined talents of Crudo's Chef Cullen Campbell and Chula Seafood for a funky and fun a la carte feast featuring exotic-yet-delicious twists on the classic raw bar. Think scallops with charred avocado and AZ citrus, or fresh swordfish with olive vinaigrette and onion flowers. Or try fresh uni with lardo, mignonette, and twisted infusion greens. Plus, you can pair it all with a bar snack including housemade pickles, or smoked swordfish dip with sourdough pancakes kraut.

Plus, you can pair it all with specially selected group of wines from around the world, or a special cocktail called Ramona Sun cocktail. It's a delicious culinary mash-up, plus the best part, no reservations, just arrive and savor the flavors and fun.

Crudo & Chula Seafood Raw Bar Event

Bar Snacks

Pickles $5

Charred Onion "cacio e pepe" $5

Smoked swordfish dip, sourdough pancakes kraut $10

Raw Bar

Seared albacore nigiri, aji amarillo kewpie, masago, serrano $10

Scallops, charred avocado, AZ citrus $12

Cured yellowfin tuna, tiradito, deviled egg mousse, corn nuts, huitlacoche vinaigrette $12

Swordfish, olive vinaigrette, onion flowers $12

Corvina ceviche, marinated choclo, mustard oil, coconut milk, citrus, sweet potato, serrano, quinoa $12

Uni, lardo, mignonette, twisted infusion greens $14

When: Crudo and Chula Seafood's one-night-only Raw Bar event is on Tuesday, February 20 (6pm - 9pm)

Where: Crudo

3603 E. Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85018


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