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  • Diana Brandt

What I'm ordering for Thanksgiving

This year, let's not get all crazy. This year, I'm all about convenience and enjoying my Thanksgiving. Last year I had the privilege of cooking the meal and I enjoy that too. I went all out with my organic, farm down the way turkey for some ridiculous amount of money, the sides, the stuffing and whatever else I made (I can't remember). I do remember that it was fine but it's a lot of work and really all I want is stuffing and pie. Let's be real..

So this year, I'm cutting out the work, so I have more time to do nothing but sit outside in the nice weather and enjoy life because YOLO! If I wanted to stuff myself silly this year, I would hit up the Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Spa. Weft & Warp Art Bar + Kitchen is hosting a Thanksgiving Day feast with buffet and a la carte options for entrees, as well as all your favorite family style sides, finished off with some special sweets. You can see the menu here. The bar will be serving up Thanksgiving inspired beverages for the whole family, and the glass box kitchen will be tagged with thankful messages and artwork by guests, as well as spin art from local artist partners. Thanksgiving Day dinner is priced at $65 per person, which includes food but is exclusive of beverage, service and tax. Valet service is complimentary. The first seating is at 11:00am and the last seating will be 3:00pm. Regular dinner service/menu will also be available in the restaurant that evening, along with a special Thanksgiving-inspired feature menu item or two.

However, I'm not. I'm going to roast a chicken because what the hell do I need an entire turkey for. Plus, I end up drying that thing out like nobody's business. Chicken I can do. Then I'm pre-ordering this stuff and you should too, if you want to sip on your Veuve Clicquot Rose or whatever you're drinking and enjoy less chaos. But you know, you do you!

The Gladly Salad - I just ate one today and I'll eat one on Thanksgiving too. $20 and it feeds me, just kidding it feeds 4, as a side dish.

Gadzooks Stuffing - I'm not sure if this is really a thing that they promote as being able to order for Thanksgiving, so I apologize to Gadzooks or maybe you guys, for the many orders that could come in or the orders that they are unable to fill. Either way, I'm getting my Gadzooks stuffing, sweet and spicy and oh so perfect. I'd legit pass that off as my own. Why yes Aunt Avrene, I did make that stuffing with my own sweat and blood. (By the way, I hear that their Arcadia location should be opening this weekend. So they should have plenty of people able to make up loads of stuffing.)

Squash Pie from True Food Kitchen because after eating all that stuffing, you want to feel a little bit better about eating dessert. This baby is gluten free and dairy free, heck, let's just call it vegan. I mean, we're calling it vegan because it really is, not just because I want to. I wanted to clear up any confusion for you.

So there you have it, your Thanksgiving is now prim and proper, hopefully your turkey isn't dry af but if is, nobody will care because the rest of the food is incredible. You're welcome!!

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