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  • Diana Brandt

Be a tourist in your hometown with an INWEGO subscription! Check out my review.

It’s time to take your social life to the next level and I’ve got a killer deal for you. This is the only app you need to keep busy all month long and try out new things! For me, this year is all about new experiences. That means more killer concerts and mouthwatering food related events, maybe laughing my butt off at a comedy show and some edge-of-your seat sports mixed in there. Going out that much is so much fun, but it is not cheap, if you do it the old way. That’s where INWEGO comes in!

I’m super excited that INWEGO approached me to help them spread the news about launching their app here in Phoenix. What is INWEGO? It’s a monthly subscription that allows you to get tickets to unlimited sports and live events around Phoenix - for only $29 a month! Tickets are included in your subscription, and there are no service fees.

Downloading the app and browsing the events is pretty seamless. You’ll see all of the upcoming events, as well as events that will be available in the future. Everything is easy to navigate, so you can clearly see how many tickets are left for each event and when tickets will become available.

Once you pick an event, it's as simple as tapping that you want a ticket and then you're good to go. I had lots of choices for which events I could attend this month, ranging from sports to comedy shows. My first choice for an event was a food related one and not one I have ever been to before. I like tacos and my friend was going to come with me. Win! We had no issues getting a ticket each. I headed down to the Rockin’ Taco Festival, where we got into the event pretty quickly and were able to enjoy about 6 tacos and a churro before we both had our fill.

The following week there was the U2 concert. You know, the one that everyone was at! This was probably not an event I would typically go to because I was already going to another concert that week. However, my husband and I took it as an opportunity to have a date night and since the tickets would be included in the membership, why not? U2 plays great music, I grew up with them and I love attending concerts. This app definitely gave me the freedom to attend events on a whim.

This event was a little more difficult to get tickets to because of the high demand. I used my GoRewards points to grab a ticket using early access. With points, the more months you are subscribed, the more points you receive! You can get an early access ticket, which are also limited. My husband went on to the app about 15 minutes after the tickets went out to everyone and was unable to get one. Those U2 tickets sold out fast! I would assume for more popular events, this is common and you'll want to be on your app at the time they release them.

I was asked about the quality of seats at the concert or at any seated event. I do know that INWEGO works with each of the brands they partner with to get the best quality seats they can. This also depends on the demand at the events too. So at U2, we were sitting up in the 400 section but at a sporting event or comedy show, you could be sitting front row. The point is that you’re able to go to a ton of event and for way cheaper than if you were actually paying for each ticket.

Overall, I truly enjoyed the ease of using the app, the ability to go to such a huge array of events and the fact that I didn't have to think twice about attending them if I was interested. As long as I had the time, it was worth it to check these out for the first time.

In case you're interested, here are a few of the other events coming up that you could attend this month. If you download the app, you can take a look at all upcoming events for free before deciding to subscribe :

Coyotes games

Sun Devils games

Azealia Banks


Arizona Taco Festival

And so many more!

Like I promised, I have a super hot deal for you: Try out INWEGO for one month at 50% off. I think it’s already worth it but it would be silly to not try it for only $14.50!! All you have to do is download the app and you can check out all the events going on. When you pick one you like, snag a spot and enter promo code AZFOODIE. Hurry, offer ends 10/31!

This blog post was written in collaboration with INWEGO but all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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